Problems with backpack for water fed pole

I have recently got a “backpack” for my water fed pole.
However I am struggling to get it to work.
I have connected the “tubes” with a male and female coupling.
However when I turn on the pump in the backpack no water comes out.

What am I missing?

I am sorry if my English isn’t perfect. I am not sure I have the right names for everything :slight_smile:

I have also attached a picture of how I have attached the two "


it might be as simple as an airlock. i had one do this once and i solved by sucking the end of the tube. once the water went through the pump it was fine.


I agree with the air lock. You also need to put clamps on those quick connects. Also do you hear the pump running ?
If you don’t you need to pull the battery out an check your connections probably not connected.

Hi, I have tried to suck the water out of the tube, but nothing happened. I can hear the pump running, when I turn it on. So I don’t think that’s the issue. Is there anything else it could be?

Only thing I could think of is empty the water out an get a hose an try to force water through the pump .
It’s has to be an air lock. Is it brand new ? If so send it back to where you got it.
I Don think those pumps are replaceable. I know the batteries are. Not the pump. Which one did you get ,an where did you get it from ?

I bought my first back pack ( Hudson) from Amazon. Sent it back after the pump stopped working. Got a new one, an different one.

Just to clarify- Are you sucking through the hose, on the outlet side, as the pump is running and water is submerged on the inlet side of the pump? When you say nothing happens, do you mean water isn’t even sucking through?

I just went through the very same thing but it worked for me.

Could be an airlock.

You may be creating too much back pressure with the small diameter tubing. That will shut the pump off. Larger diameter tubing and/or larger orifice jets could solve that.

Search ‘xero hybrid x2 flow brush’ on our store.

Work your way back from the brush, detaching components until you get flow. That will determine what the culprit is.