Product for glass fences?

What up family!

I have a client on an HOA board I’m trying to help out and said I’d do some research for her.

They have glass fences on the balconies and they are an ocean front property. So these things take a beating on the daily.
Do you guys know of anything that would keep that glass clean for a longer period of time?


If you don’t know, thats cool too if anyone can point me in the right direction I can test myself.

Thanks in advance.


Not too sure, though I’m sure there is some type of sealant out there. I’ll have to look into it.

I had a restaurant that I did weekly normally I would do it with mop and squeegee but the best longer last clean came from WFP. It was just a pain to access water supply. The glass railings just get hit with wind, dust, and when rain splashes off the deck it gets the glass dirty.

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I’d like to follow up to my earlier response, I cant find a professional level window cleaning sealant, but thinking about it, why not just get more money by doing the jobs more often? I know the HOA are pretty important, but if there is no other option, you mine as well just make more money while you have the chance.

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Thanks for the replys so far @Streakerfree thats what I already do, but no matter the method used to clean, when they get pummeled by the ocean breeze etc they get soiled pretty quickly no matter what.

well, see-I’m hearing you there, but that won’t cut it in my market. Didn’t offer this until they decided to wait on the service after getting 3 bids and mine was the highest. So I offered to write up a DIY document she can pass out to others in the building.

I’m all about making money, but if you put yourself in their shoes, well, I’ll paste the write up from a real estate site I found when researching the property:

Ocean front building across from children’s pool/beach. Less than 5 min walk to ocean & stunning views. Stroll to La Jolla Cove, shops & restaurants. Large master on-suite bathroom, walk in closet. Kitchen/granite counters, lovely living dining room combo & sliding doors, enjoy ocean breezes. W/ D in unit. Pool, patio, BBQ , 1x u/ground parking. HOA fees appx $637 & $1400 for land mortgage assessment monthly or $240,000 at closing for full land lease pay off, then HOA is $637 monthly. Very motivated must sell!

Fantastic reduction in price! This is a one of 28 units in the complex, with an on site manger. The pool is in the middle of the complex and not visible from the street for added privacy. There is an elevator from the underground parking garage that leads up to the units. Each unit also has an added storage area in the garage. Several units have 2 spaces so added parking maybe negotiated with one of the owners as several units are not used year round. Summer rental prices can be $5000 and more per month since the complex is across from the beach. Please call listing agent for details on the HOA fees and land/mortgage assessment options or payoff. Very motivated and must sell!

If I lived there I’m already pissed about 1400 per month for land mortgage assessment but notice the HOA fees say approx $637 monthly?
I bet that’s what it’s NOT.
Whether or not I believe someone has money to burn is irrelevant. They may have higher income but they probably have higher bills too. What I’m trying to say is; if they won’t hire me to do the job, and haven’t chosen someone else, they still don’t have a solution to the problem.

Even if they NEVER hire me, I’d be willing to bet there may be a person who lives there that either owns some properties or is a manager of one somewhere. I’d also be willing to bet they may remember a small act like this and think positive about my outfit.

People have been good to me, gotta pay it back you know?

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The thing about the glass rails or wind breakers is in the morning they get that morning dew and if it’s blowing a little wind anything that the wind brings in will get stuck to the glass because it’s wet, I don’t think using any special solution would work . I would just scrub them with my t bar and open my DI hose and hose them down . This is a house I did in Malibu regularly


Yeah, its pretty much the same thing, only they are on balconies and not nearly as big as that.
I was thinking about some stuff a while ago but forgot the name, it works sort of like the self cleaning glass…you know the stuff that needs regular rain or high humidity and sunlight to work? I would think that the beach has both elements for it to work.