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Hello everyone. You can call me Doc…

I have a professional window tinting business of 14 years! I am always being asked if I clean windows…

Well I do clean them before I tint them but I do not clean the outside of the glass unless I’m doing security film on the outside or vinyl etc, and in most case,s its the 1st floor ground level outside…

What I do is clean the outside even if I’m tinting the inside quick just by spraying the window with JnJ and water and a quick squeegee so when I am done with the job it all looks good and clean… If needed I razor blade the outside of the window or inside with a stainless steal 6 inch or 12 scraper blade, then spray JnJ and squeegee clean… Most case,s I always razor clean whatever window is about to be tinted so its ultra clean

So heres whats going on. I have been asked by many of my accounts If I clean windows so I figured I would start after 14 years of being asked and add it to my arsenal of things we do.

So to please some accounts and to make more money I figured wht not. I have 362 locations from east of long island to Jersey that need to be cleaned, inside and out all the windows. Most locations are 2 story buildings with some being 3 story buildings.

So my question to you professional,s is this. 1. Where do i go to get supplies?

2.What is the max extension poles height?

  1. What is the best to better extension poles to buy ( I have been looking at UNGER because I use there products in window tinting)

4.What soap do you guys use and suggest?

  1. If your cleaning a 3rd story building window on the outside how do you dunk the micro fiber cleaning squeegee in the bucket and then extend the pole and still have water on it to wash the window?

I have no experience with cleaning hi story windows so sorry if some questions are very green…

Thanks for any help in advance… Thanks


  1. Right here - Home | Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products

We are in north Jersey

  1. Usually its 30 feet

  2. Check this Unger Unger TelePlus 5 Section | Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products

Its my favorite, the sections drop for lower work or you can just buy it in pieces and eventually go up to 3 as you need it.

  1. Glass Gleam and Ecover are popular now - Soap, glass cleaners, slip, titan | Buy Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products

  2. Check out our video player there are tons of how to instructional videos - Media - Window Cleaning Resource

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Doc I have a question for you. I see many tinted windows when I work that have discolored and started fading badly. Is that something that happens with all tinting over time, or does it just mean that the people who did them were amatuers?

No not most likely amatures, it can be one of a couple things. The person cleaning the inside of the window is using solvents and chemicals ammonia based products which breaks the film down faster over time turning it purple and or fading the window film clear. It can also be that the customer who first had hired a window tinting company to come in and do the job gave that client pricing and choice,s and sometimes the customers are cheap or have a low budget and do not want to pay for a good hi enquality window tinting film so they skimp out and go with a cheaper single ply adhesiveve film that will only last 1 to 3 years and after time it breaks down lnstead of going with a hi end 15 years window tinting film…etc… For the inside I use either a window tinting glass cleaner or JnJ (Jhonson n Jhonson Baby shampoo) Gives a great slip and we use it for applyingng window film mixed with water because well it can not stain or hurt anything at all…

If you ever come across jobs like this you can be making some serious money with me. Just explain to your customer that you noticed the window film on there building has broken down and is no longer saving them money by rejecting heat, UV rays, lowering the heat load in there building etc… Tell them that you can give them a price quote on removing the film and installing a new high quality longer lasting window film. Let them know that allot of advancements have been made over the years with window films and you could potentially save them hundreds of thousands of dollars every year paying for its self in the first summer… Then measure all the windows , draw a diagram… And call and Email me 5163699098 and we can work something out where you make money and we make money and the customer is very happy and satisfiedfied

Thank you for the great information Chris

Ok so I think I have figured out what i am going to get to start this business up… I am going to purchase 2 unger pro kits a unger bucket and a unger indoor kit and a 30 ft unger pole … and 2 of those cob web brushes… I have allot of scrappers and squeegees blades etc from my window tinting business… do you guys thing this is sufficient enough to get off the ground or am i missing anything else??? I do have latters etc…

Also I had a question about pricing and what to charge… Do you boys charge by the square footage of commercial windows or what? And what should be a good starting point? Also is first time cleaning more then the every 3 or 6 month cleaning ??? What is the norm as far as scheduled cleanings? Thanks