Hi there

Have a question to see if someone around here does the same and if can provide pros & cons if any.

Went to a customer’s house, she asked if we were insured, I said yes, she wanted a copy of my policy, I didn’t have one on my truck, and was going to call my agento the have her fax a copy to the customer, but I was 10 blocks away from my house, so I went and grab one, done.

My question: I was thinking in attaching a copy of my policy to all my estimates, in order to give a more professional look and build confidence with the customer, give a good first impression, and at the same time educate them about that, so the next time Joe LowBall shows up he’ll be asked for proof too. He becomes legit or get out of biz.

Would be any cons basically leaving my info if the customer decides not to contract us ?
Fraudulent claims are a possibility ?

please, let me know what you guys think about it.


hmm…that’s a good idea

If any of our customers want a certificate of our insurance I have to call my agent, provide my agent with the customers name address etc, and my agent either faxes or sends a copy to the customer. We are not permitted to hold copies of our insurance because of fraud.

My insurance agency has the same policy.

yes, this is how most insurance companies work.

A con to leaving any documentation may be this. let’s say you change insurance companies down the road and any of your customers (or potentials) call the company you provided and then find out you don’t have a policy with them. Do you think they will call you in order for you to explain that you’ve changed companies or do you think they may feel you were dishonest with them and made up a phony document?

Simply state that you are insured on your estimate forms. If they are the type to ask for proof, then they also need to be the type to be patient and wait for you to get them the documentation.

I have to have my agent fax a copy also. If a customer asks for it I explain the situation and give them my agents number and have them call to verify.

I let them know my agent can send (fax, mail, or email) them a copy of my current certificate. I believe the dates that it is in effect is included on the document.

If I have already proven that a requested valid certificate copy can be provided directly from my agent, why would they question anything in the future?

Never, ever, ever provide anyone anywhere under any circumstances a copy of your ‘policy’.

You may provide, under correct circumstances, a certificate or proof. BUT never the policy itself.

there are NO exceptions.

Well, Sean and I may be in the same boat since we are so close in area–as far as the law and regulations go, but when I am asked to provide proof of insurance, I show them the policy certificate before they sign the estimate. If it is a larger commercial contract, I include a copy (of the cert) in the proposal. I haven’t heard of any insurance reg’s around this area regarding not holding a policy. My insurance guy doesn’t seem to mind me having a couple copies either.

The original poster mentioned including a copy of insurance on all estimates given. Not all potential customers commit right away. I’ve given estimates and the customer tells me that they’ll think about it. A month or two later they pull out their estimate and call me up.

Thanks for the feedback.

A couple of points :

1- I won’t give a copy of my certificate ( NOT my policy) to EVERYONE. You get my point, if you think that only fact will seal the deal (sometimes happens) I’ll do it - or if I feel like they are gonna wait until they see another estimes from another company, I think that gives me an edge.

2- I know that I can call my agent and get her to fax or email a copy, but I was 10 blocks away from home.

3 - mmhhh just the 2 above :slight_smile:

Don’t give them anything. Let your insurance company do the work. You pay for it, so let them work a little extra. Let them fill in the blanks and fax/mail/email etc. I do keep a copy of all my documents in a folder for my potential customers review. It contains MSDS, insurance, price list, business certificate etc. But I do not leave it with them.

Ray, this is basically to show another aspect that why I’m “better” than the other guy.
SImple but effective way I believe.

As you mentioned I can show them MY copy and if they need one for they records I can have my agent to send it to them