Protectve Seal for Blinds

A customer today asked me if I use any type of seal after cleaning blinds. She said her former blind cleaner would spray something on them after cleaning. He told her that it would keep them clean longer.

Is this nonsense or what? I never have heard of it.

What type of blinds are they? I have heard of some people using wood floor sealer for wood blinds. Most stray from that cuase it is hard to get a good quick result with out taking the whole wood blind apart. I do know some dry cleaners and ultrasonic cleaners will use a scotch guard for fabric blinds that is just sprayed on from a can. As for metal mini blinds I have not heard of any such product.

Just plastic mini blinds.

Thats weird. I have never heard of such a thing for plastic or PVC blinds. I even checked with my dealer that I purchase blinds from and he has never heard of such a thing either.

Check out the uPVC restorers (google it), sometimes they have a protective barrier in them. The awning sealers have a sun protectant, I would feel he was probably using something like this.

I use liquid fabric softener in a spray bottle. has anti static in it. smells good too