Psychology behind turning people away

I was thinking about how in life it seems like when you’re desperate people look on but when they know you have options they want you. The girl doesn’t want you but as soon as you show another girl attention all of a sudden she wants you bad. What am I talking about ? Using psychology to your favor, so you give somebody a price and they squawk at it? You reply as if you could care less, well why don’t you shop around Mrs. Smith anyways I got to get going I got some appointments I got to get to give me a call if you need some help click. My question is do you think there’s value in talking to customers as if you could care less if they hire you without being a jerk or stating that. When you show that you’re in control right out of the gate like yeah my prices are higher and I stand by that or well I got to get going it scares them out of losing you and makes them want to pursue you. Do you see what I’m getting at, thoughts?

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I could tell you right now that one of our biggest customers (25+ commercial & medical facilities full service janitorial) I could never imagine treating that way. We make our customers feel as if they are our ONLY customers. There are a lot of cleaning companies in this area and I will tell you we get a lot of business from companies who treat their customers the way you suggested and they are tired of it.

That’s not to say your client can’t know you have other accounts. Of course they know you clean for other people.

The customer is in control. At the end of the day, they are the ones paying you. Maybe psychology like this works with small residential jobs, but big deals aren’t made this way in the business world.


I think a display of confidence is a better way to put it, but being in control of your gig is a sell. I’m pleasant, but have been having a bit of anxiety, and they can tell.

Being in control of your gig is a sell… But so is customer service that makes them feel like one in a million. You aren’t the only window cleaner around and if you poo-poo your customer they will find someone else.

This isn’t confidence. He is literally telling his prospected customer to look for another window cleaner because he doesn’t have the time in the day for them. I know I wouldn’t want to be treated that way. Can you think of a time you were ever treated like this? If so, how did it make you feel?

Maybe it’s coming off wrong through writing. I’m not saying mistreat your customers of course you want to treat them like you really need their business I’m just saying when you get somebody complaining about a price acting as if you’re not desperate for the work . I don’t know how to explain it just winning the psychology battle with the customer. When a customer feels like you need their business they’re going to try to haggle over the price but if you come off like they’re still really important to you and respectful and maintain good character but also like life will go on without them accepting that price it might encourage them to pursue you even at your expensive price. In other words a lot of customers don’t want to pay the price while you’re at the table talking but as soon as you get but get up and leave it’s like sir sir hold on wait I think I want to book an appointment. Being polite respectful letting them know you would love their business and to help them out with a great service but also showing that you’re in control is what I’m getting at winning the battle of psychology

I’m not saying to be a dick head to them and tell them well if you don’t like the price go use his company. Again to use the girl example if you like a girl I’m not saying be a dick head to her and start pursuing other girls but yes there are times with certain women wear when you act as if your life is not dependent on them that’s when they start pursuing you. I think you’re reading this as me saying to mistreat customers and to be a dick that’s not at all what I’m saying. People want what they can’t have. Basically you be very respectful friendly you smile you tell them if they ever change your mind you’re more than happy to help them out but you say it in a way that shows them look if you don’t pay my price somebody else will but you don’t physically say that to the customer.

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That is more understandable to me now.

Honestly what works the best for me so far is to walk the property, go back to my office and work up the estimate to be texted, emailed, or dropped off 30 minutes later. This seems to get rid of table talk and has had a fairly decent success rate.

(PDF format - most phones anymore have no problem opening them by default)

Totally depends on the person. You’re not going to fool a multi-millionaire marketing guru with that psychology, but I see your point. I’m a bit weird. I use different behaviors with different clients. A large majority of my residential clients are business owners, so they know the drill.

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How do you sell yourself through an email or text? Sure you’re selling yourself when you pull up to do the estimate are friendly respectful and dress nice but don’t you need to be there when you present the quote

Business owners are great they understand taxes and advertising and making a good dollar etc

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Yep. I prefer working with them. Most of them are straight shooters, and succinct. A lot of the homes I do have a home office, so my services are a partial write off.

When it comes to the housewife making the decision. I sell personality and value.

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I have already taken up enough of their time making them be there on their lunch break and whatnot. People these days are glued to their phones and use them for everything. Having that bid sent to their phone isn’t that odd anymore and people seem to like it. It works around here for me at least.

Like I said earlier - the big jobs aren’t landed with that psychology. I also wouldn’t send a bid via text or email on an account that lands me $100,000 either :wink:

Haha, accountants are the worst business owners to clean for :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean… Whatever works for your demographic.

I find architects who own their gig to be more regular yet specific. They tend to like a lot of cleans though…

If it is part of home maintenance that they value, then they will buy your service. Especially if the previous window cleaner did a sub-par job. Not everyone places value in lawn maintenance - some will just hire a Mow-N-Blow. Same with a window cleaner, some will just want to hire a Wet-N-Wipe. Get a feel for your customer and treat them with importance and yourself like the professional service you provide, no matter if they value your service or not.

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I am very interested in the psychology behind business and customer interaction.

Our company does well so we don’t need to take every client that comes through our door. If we give a price to a customer and they don’t like it, then good luck with whoever they go with. If they do go with us then they get the best window cleaning service in the area.

I wouldn’t view it as you stated “turning people away”. The only people we “turn away” are looking for 4 Windows or are outside our service area. Every other customer we give a price and they either accept it or don’t.

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