Pump controller

In the UK they use the controller at the link to relieve the pressure on their pumps and to keep a constant flow to the brush head
Is there anything similar available here in the US, I’m not very tech minded so Its hard to search for when you are not really sure what it is you are looking for

Another way of doing it, is putting in a return feed to the tank, usually via a T-piece. This would not stop the pressure switch if you are having problems with the pump cutting out.

Thanks karl, i all ready did the bypass but the idea of having a varistream or something similar appeals to me , even if its just to see how it works

We sell and use them. Here is a link.


I will also add that we have found that you can not use just any Ag pump with this controller. Shurflo has made a pump, widely available in the UK, for this unit. We stock this pump as well.

Thanks Shawn

Sureflow and Flojet now do pumps with an internal bypass- just put a valve/tap/faucet anywhere in the line.

I use Algarde/Yamitsu supple 4mmID silicon hose and have a Hozelock micro-irrigation tap/valve at the brush head.

I think you understand the process of having the adjustable valve after the T-Piece, which would work the same as a varistream. I just like to keep it simple, less chance of things going wrong.

I just bought the newest digital varistream controller w/ pump from higher ground so I will be able to post a review on it in a few weeks.

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I see the pictures Karl so im thinking its you

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