Pump sprayer-WFP use

I didn’t want to steal other thread, but I’ve been messing with a 4 gal. manual sprayer and trying to figure out the fittings. I have a compressor and all the fittings and after an hour of wasting time , I realized I could hookup almost everything without even using them . My only struggle is going from the Black pump line to the wfp line. I was using the cheap 1/4 air line , which I cut to hook up to pole. I know it’s an easier solution ,but I’m missing it,

You mean the black sprayer hose, possibly 3/8"going to 1/4"? You can get a 3/8 barb tip with a 3/4 adapter to fit a garden hose quick fit and attach the other quick fit to the pole hose by getting a 3/4 fitting that screws into the quick fit adapter (male end) They make 3/4 to 1/4 barb and attach hose. Use a clamp to get a tight fit. You can go to. 3/8 hose. I use the 5/16 from WCR. Has a inner of 1/4. Is this what you were asking? Bought another used 5 gal sprayer and splitting the wand line with a y adapter and quick fit adapters. 1 will go to sprayer to use the sprayer or a hand help WFP brush. the other fitting end will receive the WFP line. Tractor supply has a good assortment of these fittings. Home Depot and Lowes is limited and you may have to temp get brass and various adapter fittings. TSC is your best bet.

I will let you all in on a little known secret (you’re welcome)…

Most pump sprayers have a universal hand wand. Take the hand wand and unscrew the applicator stem sleeve. Pull out the stem (sprayer tube). Replace it with a standard size WFP line ( yes, you just push it right to the hole where the stem was). Screw the sleeve back in place, and viola! You have a simple pump sprayer bottle via water fed pole!
Great for 1-5 windows and touch ups and…(sorry not ready to reveal other secrets yet ;0)

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