Punky Booster Pump

I am looking into buying a tucker brand 12v booster pump and was shocked at how much they cost-I know that Harbor Freight sells a 4.5 gpm 12v pump for $100 or so, is there some downside to buying it over the pricy ones I am not considering here?

At the end of the day how much flow do you need at the brush?
I’m using a rinse bar and using 10mm tube from system to brush honestly 3Liters per min flow is more than enough.
I use an RO/DI system I have never used a pump and always had flow. I made a portable trolley system and that uses a 3.5L/min pump its like a $30 pump and it works fine.

I honestly cant see for the life of me how on earth these guys are using 100psi 5gal/min pumps I mean jeez you can soft wash with that certainly do not need anything close.

More often you can increase the ID on your hose/tube to increase flow to brush without needing a pump. That being said I don’t really go higher than 4 stories.

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