Pure Rinse now in the store

WCR is happy to announce we officially have the Pure Rinse line of products in our store. They can be viewed here:

Is the cart DI only?

Alex was working on this, I could be mistaken but this looks like its not even DI. Its just the power, the reel, and the pump.

Kinda expensive for a dolly, pump, reel and a battery. I don’t think that it mentions any kind of filtration system on the description. I might be wrong.

Where is the DIY kit for vehicle mounting? Is it still in the works?

Its done, we are just finalizing the pricing on it. Should be another couple days max. The kits are all boxed up and ready to ship… Just a couple last tweaks. Il email you and post an announcement here when its totally ready.

Good news Chris.

Is there an option for poor people like me to buy the parts … “in parts” ? :smiley:

Of course!

I had no doubts about it :slight_smile:

I’m a team player and save you time to post announcements.