Pure water pressure washing windows?

Anyone running pure water through theyre lines? Seems like it could be very effective. I think i remember someone saying they do that with car cleaning. I have a RO/DI cart that has electric motor. Not sure what the GPM is though.

Im not, but its definitely doable. I know of a few guys that do it.

I understand pure water damages the heating coil when run through a HW pressure washer.

If I read your question as " can you wash windows by power washing them with pure water" then yes you can. We started doing this close to 30 years ago and it worked well on certain types of window (mostly newer windows) and not so well on older metal framed or wood windows in poor condition. Its not as precise as WFP and still required a brush to agitate the dirt but in the right situation it worked well

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I had done it while I worked in CO, water tap, to di tank, to pressure washer. Huge house all french pane (12,000 sft). Did not have a wfp at the time, one guy would truck brush the glass, then second guy would rinse with pressure washer. It was much quicker then doing them with hand tools, but if you have an ro/di system it would probably be easier to use your system (one person instead of two less stuff to carry around etc…)

Hey Bubba,

Since you have a pure water system why not just invest in a WFP ? There are all kinds to get and if your working a budget, a Tucker Pole is cheaper. Either way using a WFP would be far more efficient with better results.

I mean using it at heights from the ground is way safer then trying to pressure clean high window (2 and up) from a ladder !

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I don’t have practical experience but I have been told numerous times that pure water will destroy the seals in your pw pump and that it is a bad idea.

And I think even if pure water through a PW is safe and effective, the amount of water used would probably be way more than with a wfp. Not that you can’t control flow with a PW, but it’s much easier with a plain water pressure or a pump putting out 45 p.s.i.

Well what struck this question was watching a YouTube video…of window cleaners on the burn tower in Dubai.

Thank you! I searched this king of answer lots of days and nights :sweat_smile: I have additional idea, if you interested, I can just share it with you!