Pure Water System Winterizing

I’m thinking its time to put it down for the winter. We are supposed to get 3-6" of snow this Saturday… And then temps staying pretty low after so it’s time.
I did a search on Winterizing but posts were pretty old. I’m curious what everyone does to Winterizing their pure water systems? I have a wash-it. I can store it in my basement for the winter so no need for antifreeze. I plan on draining as much water as I can from it, tossing sediment filter and wrapping di filter since resin is still good since last change.


Here is a webinar we did about winterizing your system:

Winterize You Pure Water WIndow Cleaning System

Here’s a video I did specifically for the Wash-iT pro. The same would apply for IPC systems like thw Hydrotube and hydro cart.


Bumping for the proper season :slight_smile:

Excellent! I was thinking the same thing. Of course, it’s supposed to be almost 70 here in Northeast Ohio this weekend, but it’s bound to get cold some time soon.

Isn’t this weather awesome?!?

I had my setup “packed away for winter” and ended up using it for the last 3 days, sunup to sundown.

^loving it. We’ve done several thousand in pressure washing this month. Last year the equipment was already winterized by the end of November.

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That’s sweet ! Hope you where able to do all them gutter jobs you had lined up

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It’s nice to be on the other side of “record breaking” for a change.

  • “Worst Snowfall”
  • “Lowest temp ever”
  • “Most accumulation for the month.”
  • “Great Lakes 90% frozen”

And here we are… finally… ‘Record Highs’ for the weekend.

(I haven’t been this happy since March 2012- 85º- I remember the day Pwashing while getting sunburn. ) :cool:

yeah, and the calls are still trickling in! we have a few lined up for next week even. crazy, but it’s been great. the guys are loving it too- no frigid ice busting jobs to date.

Its SO Awesome - You might even call it Epic. Haven’t worn a jacket yet this year.

Todays email is about winterizing your system - Is your Window Cleaning System ready for Winter?