Putting flyer in baggie, with candy, hung on door?

What is everyone’s thoughts on this? I am hoping it will draw people in more.

With all the crazies out there nowadays I’d forget about putting a bag of candy on a strangers door. How would you react if you came home and found your kids eating from a bag of candy someone left hanging on the front door?

Perhaps try a door hanger with a tier system offer such as book 1 service $25 discount, 2 services $50 discount, 3 services $75 discount assuming you do more than clean windows.

This tends to work fairly well for me

I think that would be kinda creepy.

ah shucks guys :frowning:

It’s kinda the ‘psychology of reciprocity’ theory. That
is like when a waitress will bring a candy with the bill to
inspire you to sweeten the pot.

Studies have shown a dramatic increase in tips because
the customer felt they were given something.

In this case however, far too much distrust. I would be
extremely skeptical and would NEVER eat the candy. In
fact it very well could lead to a negative psychological
connection to your brand. (i.e creepy dude)

The important thing is to keep thinking like this. Always
keep looking for ways to get a foot in the door.

LOL - yea dude, the candy is going in the trash. Probably along with the door hanger.

Are you knocking on the door to try and speak to them directly first? Or just leaving the door hanger? I personally don’t give the time of day to someone who leaves something on my door when I’m home. That’s just me though.

Also I like face to face so I’m def. knocking on the door first.

Im hearing both from everyone, dont knock on door, do knock on door. Which one is it?

Def knock on the door. Unless you’re scary looking you should knocking.

Everyones going to share what worked for them. I’ve tried both ways and talking face to face worked best for me.

How about sign holders? The guys that stand on street corners holding signs?

That’s an interesting idea.

What would the sign say? Who would hold it?

Creepier still if you have a guy handing out candy. :stuck_out_tongue:

They might think its Herbert the window guy.

What happened to the muscly armed paperboy?

Yeah, candy is a no go. Creative, but I imagine the response would be pretty awful. As for your knock/no knock, try out both… but on the ‘didnt knock’ test round do at least 1500 door hangers or so. Any less than that and you won’t get an accurate idea of response rates. More is better, and door hangers are cheap.

The sign could say

"need clean windows?

Gutters and windows cleaning starting at 125$"