Putting together my first Setup - Advice

Hello Everyone,

Decided I wanted to embark on this journey and trying to get everything setup. I’d like some advice and insight on the following setup I’ve put together. If there’s anything that’s redundant and that I can drop to save money please let me know. I’m looking at doing residential so I’m just looking to have everything I need but not trying to have every bell and whistle.

Unger Ergotech Ninja 40 degree Squeegee - 14 Inch
Unger Ergotech Ninja 40 degree Squeegee- 18inch
( Not sure of the advantages/disadvantages of having saying a 40 degree , 30 or zero?)
Unger Ninja Bucket on Belt
Going to get the AWP tool rig belt from Lowe’s as well
Unger Optilock 2 Section 8 foot Pole
Unger Ergolock Ninja T-bar 18 inch
Unger Stripwasher Sleeve 18 inch
Unger complete original stripwasher - 14 inch
Unger Ninja Scraper with holster
Unger Ninja Aluminum 10 inch channel ( I’m guessing this will work with the 40 degree squeegees?)
Unger Complete Ergotech 6 inch channel squeegee
Pulex Bucket
Unger Scrim
12 pack surgical towels

That’s everything I have for now. Like I said if I can simplify this and save money that’s great but if I’m missing something that’s certainly needed then I’ll add it. Also, I’m looking into ladders and trying to see what I need. And still need to research soap.
Thanks in advance for any advice and help.

Wide body channels are garbage on residential, get a 14” 18” strip washer, 12” 14” squeegee, spare channels to cut smaller, couple extra quick release handles, huck towels, boab, 18” super channel with ninja handle, 8’ extension pole…

You can do residential and practice sales on storefront accounts while learning the ropes


if you are residential get moerman exelerator 2, it’s the only handle you need.

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By wide body channels are you referring to the Ninja 40 degree?

DelirousDungo - Seems from a lot of my research the consensus is to avoid moerman since their quality control is poor.


Wide body channels are the ninja channel, super channel, sorbo… they are not the best for residential, not at the start at least.

The ninja 40 degree handle rules so much, with an Ettore super channel on storefront and commercial work.

In my experience, wide body channels smaller than 18” are not helpful and a standard channel over 18” doesn’t feel stable.

I have one 22” wide body channel on a swivel ledger that I only use on a few storefront and commercial jobs. I also only use it for straight pulls and pole work, I prefer not to use it as a hand tool.

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Alright I changed some up my handles and channels a bit. If I followed what your saying correctly this should be a better setup. I know you said Ninja channels are wide body but are all of them? Because the Aluminum channels don’t appear to be if I’m understanding what you mean by wide body.

Unger Ninja 40 degree 18 in squeegee

Ettore Ledge Ez Squeegee Handle

Ettore Master Brass channels in the following sizes 6in, 8in, 12in and 14in.

14 and 18in Unger Original Strip Washers

Unger Ergolock Ninja T-Bar

Along with the original stuff I listed
Unger Optilock 2 Section 8 foot pole
Unger Ninja scraper and holster
Pulex Bucket
Unger Scrim
12 pack surgical towels

That sounds more steamlined, the ninja channel is wide body. The ninja handle only accepts wide body channels, if you do want a wide body I would suggest the Ettore super channel, the ninja channel has clips that I’ve had come unclipped while using on a pole.

The scrim is not worth the investment for someone just learning, just buy an excessive amount of huck towels. No need to complicate before you know the ropes.

I appreciate your quick responses. Wouldn’t the Ninja 40 degree 18in I have in my cart be a wide body then and be crappy for residential like you mentioned?
I’ll just pick up more huck towels and drop the scrim.

Yes, crappy for residential.

My suggestion would be having the wide body 18” and an 18” washer as well so you can get out into the storefront aspect.

If you want to save some time, check out my kit for resi.

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quality is excellent and again the excelerator 2 is the only handle you need. you may want more than one but it can do anything any handle can do especially when you add a good angle adapter to your pole.

yes if you like buying dozens of towels that wear out easily as opposed to one that will last for years

I didn’t notice any mention of extra rubber. It is fairly easy to nick a rubber blade. I always carry extra. If you buy it to fit your longest channel, you can cut it down to smaller sizes. Best wishes!

I actually got 3ft of extra rubber. However, after doing more research it looks like I’ll be getting more since it seems you can go through it fairly quickly. I’ll probably just buy the precut sizes even though it’ll get expensive getting them for each channel.

I would look at buying a basic wfp and pure water kit ASAP as working from ladders has potential for injury and is not time efficient.

Awful advice… learn how to clean windows before even considering a wfp


Look at Alex’s kit when he and Chris had their window cleaning company. before WCR. They kept everything simple.
KISS - Keep It Simply Stupid :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d recommend going with nothing but Unger gear. They’re the number one company world wide. Learn the trade, fanning windows to perfection. Alex and Chris used Unger gear for all their guys back in the day at All County Window. Unger makes everything you REALLY need and WCR sells it.

Unger Training Video
Know Your Tools
1 of 4 part series on YouTube


I use full size scrim as well and I have to agree with you. A couple dozen huck towels is the way to go in the beginning. Use two at a time. A damp one for sills and frames and a DRY one for detailing glass. Like Alex in the video.


A very closed minded and disrespectful response I will butt out now as you obviously know it all

That is what the truth sounds like, what is close minded about the truth?

Any window cleaner that can’t clean a window traditionally but has a WFP will not lasts long. Anyone that says otherwise is being dishonest.

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