Putting together my gutter tools

I’m putting together my tools for gutter cleaning and need some advice.

So far I have:
• Gutter scoop (black)
• 5 gallon pail
• water proof gloves
• Ladder (23’ only servicing up to 2 stories)
• Paper yard waste bags
• Ladder standoffs

Still need to get:
• Garden hose (How long should I get for most single or 2 story houses?)
• Plumbers snake (recommendations?)
• Anything else?

One other question I have. Besides leaves and branches, I also notice gravel worn off from the roof tiles. What’s the best way to clean that out?

A hook so you can hang your 5 gallon bucket off your ladder

An extension pole for your gutter scoop

Korkers for walking roofs if necessary

A hand held or back pack blower

A rake

I use bbq tongs for reaching down into downspouts to pull crud out.

I also like the red gutter scoop. It wont go on the end of a pole but it does let you get a lot more out at once.
I will also put a webster on the end of a pole and run that down the gutters to get all the small stuff.

The black Gutter Tool works great. It is very strong and can be used with any extension pole. I would recommend painting them some [B]bright[/B] color so you don’t loose it in the leaves.

As far as garden hose, I would carry at least 100’. You never know when a home only has a water source on one side of the house. Also, you can snake the hose along the gutter. Helps when there is something like an awning on a house and you can’t get to the gutter by ladder.

Oh good, Home Depot has one that’s 115’. At first I thought that was overkill but now I think I’ll get it.

Thanks for the other suggestions as well.

What about the roof tile gravel that collects in the gutter? Seems like a pain to get that up. Do most people leave it?

All that comes out when using a blower.

So I should add goggles to my list, LOL.:wink:

In practical terms? No.

Ear protection is not a bad idea when using a blower. I had an ENT doctor give me a 5 minute lecture last fall because I was not wearing any when cleaning his gutters with a blower.



I don’t use a blower because most of the gutter cleanings I do have wet stuff in them and have seen others use this method and make a big mess and alot more work.

To remove the gravel I will hose it into a big pile then scrape it out with 2 3 inch putty knives, then flush the remaining gravel down the downspout with a 100 foot garden hose on a reel. If the downspouts go into leader drains I always unhook it somehow (most have a 3 or 4 foot piece at the bottom and some have to have the elbows at the top unhooked).

The black scoop on pole is a must have. I actually made my own years ago out of a small 3 hook gardening rake taped to chimney cleaning rods, it worked ok but not as good as the black scoop.

Hope this helps,

I don’t use eye goggles either. But, I always, eh hm…ALWAYS…wear sunglasses. They are the wrap around style or the safety style at the local HD or Lowes. Also you’ll need a small set of tools, maybe screw drivers, if anyone has the leaf guards on them. Some will surely have to be removed before cleaning the gutters.

Also, I drilled holes in my 5 gal buckets so if the debris that I am removing is wet, it can drain, not letting the bucket get too heavy. Not too big, maybe 5 or 6 3/8" holes.

I am sure that some of you have done this before, but I have began to clean gutters with lite debris in them, from the ground. I have taken my 18’ Mr. LongArm Pole, attached an angle neck adapter to it, and use hair bands to secure the water hose to the pole. I bend the neck over as far as it will go. I then use the same type of bands to fasten the nozzle of my water hose to it. I turn it on and lift it up, spray out the gutter beds. Works remarkably well. Kind of a WFP for gutters. Powerwashing gives too much pressure, but this is great. I can be meesy, so be ready to clean up.

I would get a blower that has a vacuume option as well. I made an attachement that fits right into the gutter tray and i just walk along the roof and suck all the junk out into plactic bags sometimes i have to use my hands but not too often. the only thing when its wet you have to empty a little more often.

I have a few things to add that I have not seen mentioned.

  1. Not a bad idea to include some gutter screws avail at big box store HD,they replace nail and ferrules that have pulled out of the fascia(easy up sell).

  2. I also carry small self tapping metal screws for reattaching downspouts.

3.As well as a few of each of the different style hangers.ie. hidden or the kind that nails to the roof.

4.A good cordless drill with the appropriate bits.

  1. Seamermate for fixing any leaking corners or small holes in the gutter itself.

I am going to start carriing gutter zap, a pole and brush to upsell whitening.

Dont forget your rainflow sample.