QR code call to action

Talking with my buddy that helps me with my EDDM postcards. We are kicking around the idea of a call to action with a QR code.
How about some ideas on this. Home page? Contact page? A discount page?

I’m new to technology myself, but we recently put QR codes on our service trucks, which takes you to a mobile friendly version of our website.

I’ve been toying with the idea of putting a discount coupon code on our next batch of EDDM and see if the response rate improves any.

did you try this? Did it work?

I would like to know the results myself? I do not come across many QR codes and I am in the thick of the Tech World.

No Brian we didn’t. I got caught up with other things and didn’t want to mess with our cards so I just sent them out the same way again.

We have a QR on all of our eddm cards and our truck. It links to a page on our site that you have to know the address to navigate to, and after checking, maybe 5 hits in the past 1.5 years. Must preface this though that we dont have a call to action to scan the code.


Josh do you use the type that can be tracked how many times it was scanned?

Not that i know of. I just track the page activity on our wordpress backend.


You should check out scanlife or one of the others that enables tracking so you could see what cards are being scanned the most, segment it out so you can see if the scan came from your truck or a specific card.

Thanks Chris-will have to do some research!

We helped John Lee with the art for a sign at his local shopping centre with a QR Code for ‘Get A Quote’ - pointing straight back to a landing page site with Responsibid.