Question about fitting Ettore Poles with Unger attachments

So I recently got my Unger Ninja and Unger Fixi-clamp, both are awesome, quality products. I also ordered the Unger Professional Connect & Clean Telescopic Pole, 12’, which I think is way too flimsy and wobbly to use when extended. I have used the Ettore 12’ pole, and loved how it felt and handled, very sturdy and stable.

I tried to use the Ettore 12’ with the Fixi Clamp, as well as with the Mr. Longarm Squeegee Adapter. It was not stable. The Fixi Clamp just moved around on the “tension fit” adapter.

Does anyone know a way that I could fit Unger products comfortably, conveniently, and snugly on the standard Ettore threaded pole? I considered the Unger NCAN ErgoTec OptiLoc Tele-Pole Locking Cone as an adapter, but the female end is not threaded, and I’m not sure how to fit this onto an Ettore pole. Anyone got any ideas?

Sorbo tip. Fixi wont spin. Rubber orings help keep in place.

Pry off existing pole tip.

Tip Meant to be hammered in place and very snug. Vertical ridges will peel, its ok. Tip is universal to all handles.


Right on, thanks man!

Where do you find the sorbo head by itself?

I vote this as one of the best instructional post I have ever seen!
Quick, Precise, Accurate, and very professional!
Thank you as well!

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Hey Joedie will that tip work with the excelerator handle too?

I use the Unger poles and that tip holds it really well. But I like your Garelick Pole review and agreed it would be easier to just twist the pole itself and extend it and not a collar. Will the Sorbo tip fit into those poles also?

I believe it does work with Exc, but i will double check tom and confirm. Meant to do that exact thing today.

Only thing with Garelick is the stock tip seems to be fit in there better than Ettore’s poles. But i haveng tried channel locks yet to remove Garelick tip. That too I will attempt tom and get back to you.

Also thank you for watching Hidden Gems😊

Or, you can get the best of the both worlds. Garelick pole with an Unger locking cone. I think there is a YouTube video on how to make it.

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YBest alll around Pole tip in the industry. But I’m old fashioned. :sunglasses:

I cut about half an inch off the tip so it fits my Unger zero degree. You can see that it’s a tad longer than a green Unger tip. My tools don’t get stuck on a wooden tip like they do with plastic.

Would you recommend getting the 3 section or 2 section poles from Garelick? In the idea of speed and efficiency would the 2 section be easier? But then the 3 section is more compact if was in a tight area while cleaning interior?

Awesome ideas.

Where did you find the wooden pole tip? Thanks

3 section. 8 ft minimum.

Keep in mind that the more sections, the sturdier it will be.
Ex: an 8’ 2section will be flimsier than 8’ 3 section when fully extended. This is ever more important the longer the pole.:grin:


For anyone looking for pole accessories, go to shopwindowcleaningresource, >Window Cleaning Tools>Poles>Accessories.

Yes, it works but you need to jam the handle down farther than usual. But does work.

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