Question About Legitimacy

Hi all. I’m getting into the window cleaning industry with a partner. We’re going to work and grow this business part time - I’m not sure if I want to do it for two years for extra side money or just grow it throughout the years.

My question is this, what do I need to do in order to become a legitimate business and do everything correctly from the start? A low cost start to get started? We don’t need any worker’s comp or whatever’s needed, but I would assume I need some sort of proper license and insurance? I would appreciate if someone could shed some light on what I need legally speaking to be safe. For now we’re going to focus on getting some store front income and then move into residential cleaning in the Spring.


You have done a total of 6 minutes reading according to your profile.
Use the search bar, this topic has been discussed many times before.
No need to start a new thread.

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You’re harshin’ my chill bro…

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Depends on where you are located. If you do a little research you can get set up pretty easily without coughing up money to a lawyer or LegalZoom.

In NJ, I think I paid $200 to get set up properly and spent about an hour total doing so.

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Sorry for the harsh replies on this thread…They were not deserved. Some people need to work on cultivating mildness :wink:

That being said, there is tons of info in the thread. Calling an insurance broker is a first step. Also making sure you register your business with your city. In Canada that’s like 60$ insurance will cost you around 100$ per month. Hope that helps a bit

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Assuming you are referring to me, read what I wrote again, I said nothing “harsh” I simply suggested that they spend more time searching since the information is readily available. No need to make a new thread on an old topic.


Thank you!