Question about using Ettore pole with Moerman Excelerator and Angle Adapters

Hey all, I’ve been watching some of Trad-Man’s Excelerator videos on Youtube and I’m ready to take the plunge. In one video, he talks about upgrading your toolkit: Upgrading your window cleaning tools - YouTube

Near the end of the video he talks about upgrading his pole to a Teleskopic AL-22, which looks amazing. I tried to order, but it’s apparently only available in Scotland. I looked into other WFP’s and they just look to be beyond my price range now. Same with the Xero Bronze Wool Pad Holder, (coming in at 100 bucks)

But I have a perfectly fine Ettore 12-foot pole that works pretty well for me, it’s relatively stable. And I’ve got a Fixi-Clamp holding Bronze Wool wrapped around a seatbelt cushion that very works for Bronze Wool scrubbing.

My question is this, is there any split adapter I can buy to fit a Moerman Excelerator on top of an Ettore pole that would allow a Fixi Clamp to stick off the back? I think that would greatly increase my speed without destroying my bank account. Anyone got any ideas?

IThe Moerman handle has a slightly larger internal diameter that Unger/Ettore squeegees. Also the hole may not line up with the pole tip button. The cheapest way is to wrap the pole tip with masking tape or electrical tape to increase the diameter. Depending on how heavy you are with the squeegee, it can be enough to attach it and then tap the pole base on the ground to impact the squeegee handle slightly tighter. Regardless of the above, fanning off a pole you may find more trouble than it is worth. Unless the frame seal is in good condition, straight and not indented in the corners, it is not easy to achieve the zero detailing that is promoted as the ultimate aim. Why not use you Ettore squeegee and rag any misses with the pole tip or the rag grip you already have? Time wise there is little if anything in it. Don’t be mesmerised by the skilfull Scotsman :slight_smile: or PolzBladz. There is nothing wrong with detailing (and a lot right about it unless to are very very accurate and careful by nature).

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Well, I was cleaning a second story residential window a few days ago. It
was a bit too long to comfortably reach with a pole, so I pulled out the
Werner 22 foot ladder to get me closer. The ladder would only fit
perpindicular to the house, so I still had about 8’ to the window.

  1. So, I attached my Fixi Clamp with Soapy Bronze Wool to brush off the
    bird crap.
  2. I took off the Bronze Wool from the Fixi Clamp, and added a clean
    detailing rag to wipe the top sill of the window.
  3. I took the Fixi Clamp off my pole and attached my Ninja.
  4. Straight pull. Straight pull. Left about 2" of soapy edges on both sides.
  5. Took off Ninja, attached Fixi Clamp with clean rag to detail edges.
  6. Window looked spotless from outside, moved along, including moving

(All of this was done about 10" off the ground, or having to move up and
down the ladder.)

Later, when spot checking inside, I noticed the Ninja had left streaks on
the edges, visible only from the outside. So I had to carry my ladder back
there, and get a fresh clean rag on my Fixi Clamp, and do it again. All in
all, I took about 30 minutes on that single window.

I’m just trying to streamline this process a bit, and I like the way the
Excelerator F*liq goes right up to the upper sill, removing the need for
Step number 2. If I had a Fixi Clamp attached the back of my pole, I
wouldn’t have to do step number 3 (I guess having a second pole would also
solve this problem, but that would also be more to carry around). I might
still do straight pulls (unless I’m practicing during times I’m outside of
customers view). If I had a sturdier pole, I might be able to reduce the
need for a ladder. Also, the window was sort of out in front of me, I might
have had an easier job using the 10’ angle with the Excelerator. I’ve
encountered a couple of these weird angle windows where I have to be right
up on it, either perpindicular to the wall or almost completely parallel. I
saw that Luke uses (used?) an Ettore channel on the Excelerator. That might
be a good option for me too. You’ve given me more to consider, thanks!

Never thought i was mesmerising :joy:

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So, I guess to me it all boils down to a question regarding this tool: RHG Reach Around Gooseneck | Water Fed Pole Attachments | WCR –

I have no experience with WFP or those threaded heads, but what adapters would I need to fit a Fixi Clamp onto the back, and an Excelerator onto the front of this? (And a conventional Unger or Ettore pole onto the bottom)? The Carbon fiber WFP is just not going to be in my budget at the moment, unfortunately. Or is there some other product that could do those things more parsimoniously without adapters?

Just talked to Alex at WCR Customer Service. He recommended the Acme Double Head Adapter: ACME Adapter Double Head | Window Cleaning Supplies | WCR –

along with the plastic or wood cone adapter: Mr. LongArm Wood Cone Adapter | Window Cleaning | WCR –

I’ve found tension fits to move the squeegee head around, but I’ve got a couple Sorbo tension fit heads for a mod that didn’t happen that work really well. I may try and exoxy + duct tape them onto the wood segment to create my own personalized Frankenstein pole.

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Believe it Pete. You make it (zero detailing) look so easy. I have tried and failed despite watching every Youtube vid by you and Bob. Enjoyed trying tho’. :slight_smile:

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I[quote=“Earthpatterns, post:3, topic:46182”]
Later, when spot checking inside, I noticed the Ninja had left streaks on

the edges, visible only from the outside. So I had to carry my ladder back

Been there and done that. Before using your liquidator in earnest on a customer’s window, pick a window in your own house that faces due south. Now try cleaning the window with a squeegee only without using any cloth at all. Then check your work from inside. I challenge anyone not to see any edge marks at all when facing the sun unless the seals are absolutely straight and the seals at each corner are not inverted or distorted in any way at all. The only truly zero detail method with my limited abilities is water fed brush with pure water, cleaning frames thoroughly before the glass. Any frame left partly cleaned or uncleaned or slightly wet can drip to the window below in any window with more than one pane.

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Just lots of practice. I used to study martial arts (b4 a became a peaceful man… well try to lol) which taught that repetition, practice and not giving up when you fail, you’ll eventually succeed. I was rubbish at the excelerator when it first came out but i practiced day and night and if left a mistake i would make myself do the whole window again until i did it perfectly. So i went from being frustrated that i couldn’t do it to being able to almost do it in my sleep. Anyone who sticks at it can do the same :wink:


You are just ‘pure dead brilliant’.

USA translation from Scottish -
‘mesmerisingly skilful’.

I cant go scrim free :frowning:

Believe me I have tried.


"Use the force steve…: lol but yeah i know what you mean as my father lacks confidence in his ability with the tool but everyday he uses the detailing cloth a little bit less. Stick in with it and best tip i give anyone is slow down a bit and work on being precise and also planning where your squeegee is gonna start and finish on the glass. Work out the shortest route and less strokes to complete each window. Then you’ll not have to work fast but you will be quick as you’ll have no detailing to do :grin: