Question: Any tips on cleaning sheetrock mud off window frames

I have tried wetting a sponge with cleaning solution and i have tried scraping it with a screwdriver. Both ways i am scraping into and gouging the texture so it will have to be recaulked and painted, the mud is on the frames real thick and the contractors did a poor job. It is my personal house im building and volunteered to do the job to save money. Any suggestins, or ideas to make the remaining windows easier. Any help appreciated.

Use a sopping wet sponge (only water) rub it off.

How is your sponge “scraping into and gouging” the frames?

I am gouging into the sheetrock when i am scraping with a screwdriver and the lip of the frame is not level, i will try sopping the sponge and scrubbing it off, i need to get away from the screwdriver. Thanks for the advice.

On occasion, I’ve used a 1.5" flexible putty knife to assist with the removal of mud from frames.

Usually, a wet light-duty sponge works well enough (using the scrubby side.)

For severe cases, I’ve used Krud Kutter with the sponge. Careful moving any mud onto the glass; scratching may occur.

Usually just a wet cloth and it wipes off. When it’s thick take a putty
knife or a 5-way and wrap a wet cloth around it to keep from scratching frames
or gouging the texture. No need for any cleaning solution.


We’ve used plastic scrapers to remove drywall mud from frames. It works well and doesn’t scratch anything. Prewet the drywall w/ your solution and then use the scraper.