Questions about cleaning storefronts

Most storefronts are made of tempered glass, which I’m always a bit afraid of scratching.
My question would now be, how do you clean storefronts? Do you always use 0000 steel wool and if so, did you have any problems with it?
Do you always clean them inside and out?

How do you clean storefronts that have, for example, their name or logo stuck on the glass pane? So you can just squeegee over there or do you have to pay attention to something special.

There is no need for steel wool or any other significant abrasive unless there is something on the glass that won’t come off with your window mop or brush. Inside and out depends on what the customer wants.
Yes, just squeegee right over that lettering on the glass, but wipe the drips.

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Just clean it and then rag it to get any drips. I use a razor on storefronts been using it for over 20 years to get tape and what ever off. Like Mathew says don’t use it unless there is something that won’t come off .