Quick! Opinions Please (squeegee channel)

Lately I have gotten work in a particular neighborhood, word is getting out so calls are coming in. Majority of these homes are french paned. I quickly measure a pane and cut a channel to appropriate length. My Question is, what is a good quality/cheap channel that you guys would buy in moderate amount with plans of cutting when doing work with shit ton of french panes?

Thank you.

Lots of excellent price points here:

I usually just go with my oldest brass channel on hand and recycle aged gear.

For exterior, you might consider investing in a waterfed pole system; WAY faster.

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I would go to this page to compare all the prices-

Squeegee channels are very much a personal preference. I started out using Ettore brass channels and used them for well over a decade. I then switched to aluminum channels and really enjoy how light weight they are. Either of those types of channels are very easy to cut down to make a custom size.

I have now switched mostly to using the Moerman Liquidator channels although there is more of a learning curve to using them over regular channels. The newer liquidator channels can not be cut to custom length so keep that in mind. I also don’t use them on older cut ups with failing glazing.

Also, I would agree with endless. If you are going to be doing an S load of cut ups then you might want to consider purchasing a WFP set up it will save a ton of time on the outsides for sure.

I use Steccone Feather-Weight Aluminum Channel for cut to size French channels. Besides being nice and light, it’s easier to cut and generally cheaper than brass or stainless. I imagine Ettore aluminum is fine as well.

But, yes, definitely recommend wfp for the outside work.

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Be smart and ditch the squeegee. Get a WFP system.

Yes sir, Ive been looking into something just to get started. Can I get your opinions on this tucker system. The $1500 one, do you know anything about this particular system? Appears to just be a carbon filter. Thanks

What system are you currently running? Im looking into some

If only WFP did as good a job as traditional.

How big of French panes?most companies sell channels down to as small as 5" so why cut?

Indoors I use the technique I’ve seen Luke use - using both hands with two six inch applicators. I detail both sides of frames as I go down with a pinch grip so the upper windows are dried on the bottom and detailed on the lower. I have a set of sorbo squeeges 5" to 10" with some black diamond T rubber instead of the silicon.

Saving time with the squeegee is harder. I have a multisqueegee but haven’t tried it out yet. It would be wisdom to have all the different channel widths - dunk your applicator in pure water with a glide solution - then cut your rubber for the frame size to skip detailing the sides.

The aggravating thing is all the zero detailing squeegees from Unger and Moerman don’t come in inch increments so they are useless for French panes. Does anybody know different?

French pane frames are often extra dirty - if you’re dealing with this you should be charging more.

You can put the moermen end clips on ettore brass channels, you just have to cut the channels down. They do add about 2 inches width, so cut accordingly.

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Good to know!