Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions 12.0 AMAZING!

Just upgraded to this newest version, I’ve always used QB and it always gets better and better but this years edition that just came out a couple months ago has so many cool features.

Now it has a calendar built right in to it, you can scan-drag-copy/paste documents into it (receipts, invoices, proposals, estimates, you name it) you can also attach any file to any vendor, customer, or employee. FREE apps (finally) that work with your files, and even one that audits your books for you and tells you where the mistakes are (FREE).

Here’s another new one: Now it has a “Leads” center, where you can set up a user to access only that area for marketing leads…from there you can attach docs etc…has a to do reminders list that pops up when your ready for your follow up, when they become a client, it shoots them into the customer list with all the info.


That sounds pretty good!

Nice, I have been waiting for an App!

Does the calendar run in the background even when QB is not on? I have qb 2010 and older versions and would have loved to used their calendar but it only works if the software is running. So you dont get reminders unless it’s running.

What up big Ray! No, the calendar is inside the program and as far as I know…you can’t access it unless the program is on. Check THIS out though…there is also another button in the customer info area where you can put additional contacts, and additional contact information…it has a dropdown list of as many ways to contact this person that you can think of! Its already populated with Linkedin, yelp, all kinds of social links etc…I’m still learning more as I go along.

Thanks for the recommendation. I am looking for a software program and I am ready to purchase now. All the programs I have looked into are expensive, $1000 to $3000. Of course the $3000.00 one is like driving a BENZ, it has everything you can think of, but it is $3000.00. I will look into the QB Enterprise. Thanks for the tip.
God Bless! and Merry Christmas!

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 12.0 has become our company’s favorite. Intuit has added a lot of new features in it. The Inventory Center feature allows us to easily find and locate inventory tasks by accessing inventory items and reports all in one place. We can now add a notes field or image to each item for quick identification.
The Document Center feature allows us to get organized by scanning and attaching receipts, estimates and other important business documents to our QuickBooks records with drag and drop ease. The new QuickBooks Document Center lets us store files locally on our hard drive. This is a major advantage at tax time. We are using hosted QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 12.0, and have always used hosted QuickBooks.

True dat! Dude, I don’t even know what FIFO costing MEANS!!! I got it for free, so to me its the best thing around. If I had to pay for the 20 user license that I got, (thats assuming that I could afford it and I can’t) I would be pretty upset and frustrated if I didn’t know anything about keeping the books (and I don’t by the way). All I know, is that when it comes to accurate, specific, detailed P&L’s you got it right there. Wanna know who your most valuable clients are, of all time or any time? POW. Who costs you more money? What subcontractor makes the most for you, or screws up the most, what employee messes up or does the best, need them to clock in? wanna know where they are at RIGHT NOW and send them a work order…

I really like it. But I wouldn’t pay for it, not THAT much.