Quickbooks online vs desktop?

Anyone switch from desktop to online version? How do they compare? What do you like/dislike about each? I’m currently using desktop 2012 premier and I have a support issue and need to upgrade. Not sure which one I want to use.

I’ve heard of lots of guys, using the online version and they seem to like it. I don’t like the cost of it per year. I have the 2013 version, and my updates are going bye-bye too. I haven’t upgraded and probably will NOT until I have to. Then, I will still use the software version, and not the online version.

Yah I held out as long as I could but now I am having a problem that I can’t fix and I don’t have support. Kind of sucks. I don’t need to upgrade at all of I can fix the problem.

To be honest, I’ve never had issues with my version. But I can sympathize with your situation.

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i switched last year from qb desktop premiere to qbonline.
some pro some con:
qbo pros:
not as powerful as desktop but i have added tcf and now have far more power.

downside subscription vs owned

if your decide to try it do double entry in both till you decide because there is no way to send qbo data to Desktop.

feel free to ask if you have specific questions.

i has to spend $400 once to recover a damaged file (damaged by qb desktop) and it took over a week

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Qbo is a no brainer to me. It’s like $18 a month. Calculate what desktop upgrades every three years costs. Probably similar. And qbo works on any device.

Mobile invoicing.
Mobile credit card processing That integrates right in.
Never have to update software
Never worry about lost or corrupted data.

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I’m using desk top 2009. I switched to QB online that was one of the things I didn’t like … you couldn’t integrate the two together I had to double entry.

There are also things I like on desk top that you can’t do online. So I stopped all together with online. I might go back an give it another shot or just upgrade desktop.

I like online. Never had desktop. Love the use of multiple devices. CC processing fees are also a touch lower than what I was using (Square).

I hate subscription models, but they are the wave of the future. We bought the last MS office suite before they switched to the subscription mode specifically for that reason.

what kinds of things? just curious. i switched from desktop and haven’t found anything i couldn’t do anymore.


Customer balance detail
A/R aging summary

Unless I missed it somewhere. I don’t think you could do this in the online version

Yiu probably don’t use it cause you don’t do route work, but it comes into play for me at times

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desktop allows you write and send snail mail not qbo.
desktop allows you see customer notes while viewing an invoice not qbo.
desktop allows you make calls (see customer phone number) while viewing an invoice and make date time stamped notes not qbo.
desktop has far more export import functions.
desktop has more reporting
desktop has a fullfilment list of orders ready to done
desktop …i don’t want to think about the things qbo doesn’t do because i use qbo now. it doesn’t do nearly as much BUT I CAN KEEP IT IN MY POCKET.
estimates, invoices payments easy beans on phone, wonderful app.

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There are a lot of reports available, as long as you aren’t looking at it via your phone. I’m not positive what reports are on the tablet version, but if I log on with my laptop, there are just tons of options. I’m about 75% sure both of your examples are available, but my wife is using the laptop now so I can’t check :slight_smile:

Let me know if it is available. I am an inpatient person so prob didn’t give QB online s good look.

I will Defenetly sign back up . Nothing like being out there an being able to print out a quick Statenent ,invoice , or customer detail report :+1: , but I need a printer first. Lol.

I will Defenetly buy one now I have too , I have hit Staples a few times , but its. inconvenient

think these are covered now.

did you know there’s an add-on that will send your invoices and estimates via post for you? costs a dollar or two per mailing, but you just choose your options and the service handles if for you. very convenient for those few customers who don’t use email.

data entry is very fast. the UX is slick and easy to use on every platform. enter data pretty much any time something happens-

add an invoice on the spot with your phone.
if you use it for estimates, add those and send on site.
you can sync to your bank account and download all transactions, and then it will match and categorize all of your spending automatically for you.
at the end of the year (if you’ve been keeping up on your syncing, A/R etc,) it will spit out all the necessary reports and forms for your corporate taxes, both fed and state.


Switched to mobile so I can sync with housecall.

I really like mobile for those times out in the field and you need to look something up real fast, you just go into the app

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i can’t find that add-on, what is it called?
i think i have it covered with tcf but would still like to know.
it may be that it is not available in canada as many things are not (us being part of the third world and all)

Go to “Apps” on left tool bar. Type “Post” in the search bar on the Apps screen. The add-on is called “Postal Delivery by NeoPost”

i tell everyone their invoice will come via email. that way i get their email 99.5% of the time.
then you can create a new estimate when it’s time and send it via email, then call “hey did you get tht estimate i sent you for this spring should we book that now?”

i took awhile for me to settle in on it but it is the way to go