Quickbooks Self Employed vs Housecall Pro

I have a full time storefront route, no residential no employees. Do I need Housecall Pro or could I just roll with Quickbooks Self Employed?

Any disadvantages of just using Quickbooks Self Employed? Features that only Housecall Pro has.

I’m doing everything with excel spread sheets and paper invoices now. My Quickbooks is not on line. Some of my storefronts are asking for online options to pay their bill but most just mail a check or pay cash.

Do I need to get with the times? I have a nice iPhone.

I personally have not used qb self employed but we use qb online. Qb is imo awesome for bookkeeping , but once it comes to invoicing and actually running the buisness scheduling ect it really dosent offer anything. I think hcp is well worth the few extra bucks . https://housecallpro.com/lukestenner
Use this link and save up to 30% off your subscription. You can book a free demo with them just to see exactly what hcp offers .

They have 3 plans . I needed a bit more for our residential side of the buisness so we use the modern plan. But the simple plan is only $39.00 per month and should be plenty for your commercial. Plus hcp can will take most any feature you like from another plan and move it to yours for some small price. O and one thing I love about hcp for billing that I noticed customer factor didn’t offer was master invoicing . So when we service say 20 store for one Corp or franchisee we need to include all the invoices but just one email. Hcp does this , qb and customer factor dosent .

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Square also has a invoicing option and an option to pay online.

I have never needed to use it yet, as all of mine pay by check. I’ve actually had very few people want to pay by CC.

I’m interested to see what QuickBooks self employed is!

I have been using Wave for free. I just looked at QuickBooks self employed and 4.99 isn’t bad for a top app. 🖒

You can do that in Customer Factor.
Let’s say you have 10 stores, all owned by ABC Corporation. You put ABC and its address and info in as the commercial client, then you can add multiple locations under that profile. So when you do all ten units for the month and go to create the invoice, you have the option to choose the job location from a drop down box. So each location would be a line item with its corresponding price and at the bottom would be a total for the entire invoice.


Huh I was told it couldn’t be done , my mistake . @TheWindowCleanse maybe this could help you

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Yup. As long as you add each location under the corporations profile, you can choose a different location for each line item.

My customer list that I use to clean the storefronts is not alphabetical. I have the customers listed in the order they get cleaned not alphabetically so I can check them off as they get done. Any programs have that feature? If I have to look up each customer individually to send them a bill by email it wouldn’t be as efficient as I’d like.

Still … I bet it would be faster to bring up a storefront account on my iPhone and send them an invoice than filling out an invoice by hand. Right?

I had lunch with my daughter today. She pays ALL her bills on line except one. It’s her rent. She has to send a check in the mail and she considers it a pain. She’s 33. Millennials think differently than baby boomers and generation X.

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Humm, are you going to keep using paper invoices? Because hcp sort of sucks for that. If you want to go all online, then hcp is a great option. I think tcf is more powerful for route work if you’re going to do paper but I don’t like his app (it is very limited)

You could also just use paypal to get online payments.

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According to hcp I’d be paperless. Everything gets done on the iPhone. But people can still pay cash or send a check the old fashioned way if they want to. They can even print out a copy of the bill you sent them via email if they really wanted a hard copy.

That would be my recommendation. Get away from paper. But if you like paper and filing then tcf will be better.

So the customer factor wouldn’t be your choice. Do you use tcf?

That’s a funny question? Kinda like asking someone if they like flushing time and money down the toilet at the rate of $60 an hr. Hahaha

I use tcf but hcp is more modern and has a better interface. tcf really needs a complete tear down and rebuild.

Hey, it’s only recently that the switchboard has stopped offering the option “if you’re on a rotary phone…”


So the paying online that goes straight into your business account from the client? What information is needed from the client to set this up?

Based on what I saw watching Housecall Pro videos on YouTube… when they get the emailed bill they just click on the correct button and it’s payed. Or they could send a check the old fashioned way.

On their end they need to set up on line payments but that is quick and easy.

Housecall Pro tells them via their smart phone that the storefront windows just got cleaned. Sweet

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Sounds like a good idea. Thanks man :slight_smile: