QuickBooks v. Quicken for Personal Use

I am seeking feedback from those who use QuickBooks and/or Quicken for personal use.

Most (?) online banking services intergrate (via downloadable data file) Quicken or MS Money for users, not QuickBooks (a small business enhancement of Quicken, I believe.)

My wife wants to begin using Quicken; I am about to purchase QuickBooks Pro 2009.

Can a Quicken .qfx datafile be used with QuickBooks?

Hey man,
I don’t know if this helps. I’ve used both Quicken and Quickbooks. As you know Quickbooks is Quicken magnified. I can integrate quickbooks with backs.
A quicken can be used with quickbooks. You just have to export it right. My accountant used to open up my quicken file with his quickbooks with no problem.
Go on their website! Quicken and Quickbooks has free online chat help which can make it easier if you rather go step by step with someone that read instructions.
Hope this helps.

Oh I kinda forgot. If you are going to do personal finances…stick with quicken, quicken has a lot of things you really don’t need.