Quote/invoice workflow

I agree with you entirely. Maybe I misread your meaning initially. It sounded like you tried to avoid discussion and just did a quick count and send the quote. Sales is required, or people will sit on the fence indefinitely, they have to be induced to act (not do something thy don’t want to, just do something).

We’re not doing a whole lot of “apologizong” for pricing afterwards, all of that has to be built before the quote. You can always drop the old, “in this business you often get what you pay for…”, but by that point you’ve 99.9% lost the job anyway. Granted, when I immediately go to “explain our processes”, etc., I’m coming from a perspective of almost all PW work, we don’t ever do only windows except maybe in February…

In Amruss Home Imrovement we use House Call Pro CRM. It sends notifications and quotes in 2 ways: email and text and if the reply to the text we get a notification through CRM and can reply them