Quote/invoice workflow

So I do like the customer factor but one issue I have and its not the customer factor its with any crm is that customers absolutely do not understand the automated numbers. If you send quotes, appt reminders or invoices through your automated number you will have customers that ignore it and contact you on your actuall phone and then you will have those that go well I messaged you back on that number. My quote literally says dont reply to this number reply to *** *** **** and people ignore it and will message the automated number. Sending things via emial stuff ends up in spam or people don’t check it like they do text. Paper is expensive, slow among many other problems. Long story short how are you quoting people, scheduling the appointment, reminding them of the appointment and invoicing.

Do you send quotes by email, reminders by text and bill email, do you double whammy them on everything with email and text, do you take payment the day off and if there not home email them, do you sit down every saturday and bill all your clients.

I send any invoices email via customer factor. I don’t send many because I am total residential so 99% pay at time of service. I send quotes the same way. Reminders, I send a postcard every six months. I use my CF app on the phone to confirm next day appointment and on the day of service to let them know I’m on the way.

So quotes invoice email? Appt reminders on my way stuff via text right? If you don’t see that the customer has opened the quote do you call if so how many days you wait. How often do you get “I dont have an email” and if you do, do you text the proposal, paper mail, tell them verbally as a handshake or what

Quotes via email from ResponsiBid, automated emails/texts go from there too, email replies go to a designated office email, and text replies into the RB SMS system (which emails notifications to anyone you assign as well. Jobber sends “on the way” texts (if they reply it pops up in Jobber), and invoices via text or email (replies go to the same places as above.

Ideally, we’re texting them the link while on the phone, and they’re able to sign it without hanging up, and get them on the schedule. Hopefully all in the initial call. Some people take forever, but if you can just get it off their list it makes it easier to just go ahead…

I personally like giving bids while not being present, theres no pressure on the customers, there is no well how longs it gonna take you, thats a lot for 2 hrs blah blah. I find it awkward going over the price together but its nice getting people on the books then and not with follow ups

We wouldn’t sell 90% of our jobs that way. People always think the price is too high, “the last guy did it for…”, etc. Sales gets the chance to explain our process softwash/WFP (neither of which most people understand). We’re not selling folks anything they don’t need, but sales requires applying some measure of motivation to get them to move from zero. If you’re just “taking phone orders”, then your sales will be a lot less in almost every case.

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99% of our jobs are booked over the phone. Your phone staff needs to be trained to answer these questions and your close rate will go way up.

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That’s the best way to do it IMO. Sending blind quotes to a warm lead isn’t going to lead to great results in the long run. Even if you’ve spoken/met with them, the quote is easily ignored or forgotten, and the guy that explains it to them is going to get the work.

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Not true !! With the TCF , and I’m sure with Jobber you can see if they opened the proposal. If they didn’t , then your going to put that phone call in to see if they did, and make sure they get eyes on it
As far as explaining your process you’ve already basically talked to them before the proposal was sent, and in your proposal it explains what your doing , and what the cost is. So why the need to call and explain agian ? my 50 - 67 percent close rate says you don’t have to call after eyes have been on the estimate.
They aren’t booking , becuase they don’t like the price. They already liked what they saw to call your for an estimate.
They see your reputable Already , because they look at your website , saw your reviews , so most of the times it’s your price they don’t like.
So sending blind quotes gets good results for me. I never call after they looked at it. Only if they didn’t. It’s says call if you have any questions ,and explains all I’m doing for how much in the proposal
If they look at it and don’t call it only tells me one thing . They don’t like the price !
So I’m going to call and tell them hey I soft wash everything with my Hi tech equipment , and we use pure water unlike the bucket bobs.
Ya no ! Not for me. It’s not needed. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure if your good at talking and good at sales you can definitely close more , but not for me. Here’s the price hopefully we’ll see you soon.

I feel that during the sales process, if you are worried about going over price then you need to improve on your questions. Before you even give them a price you should be able to tell if they are going to book or not.
Take the time to learn about the customer… why they are getting the windows cleaned, have they had them cleaned before? If not, explain them how amazing it is to have clean windows! By the time you have gone over all of this and how amazing the service is and all about your guarantees and how great it will be to choose you, the price shouldnt even be a thing.
If they are calling YOU then you give them a price right then and there. Figure out what windows they have, how many, what size their house is, and all the other details. You give them a price and you tell them when your next available appointment is.

Dont ask them if theyre okay with the price, ASSUME they are going to buy and I’m telling you that you will sell a lot more.

If and when they book, then send them the copy of their estimate that they just agreed upon to their email that way they have a physical copy and then you’re golden.

If I don’t get this email , I’ll call to make sure they are reminded that I’m coming.
I don’t take deposits , which might change next year. That way I’m. Not worrried about a cancellation

The screens, you tell the customers to remove them or ask if they can remove them?

hmm I like the, if you have outside screens they must be removed prior to arrival.

Only on exterior cleans. If they want me to remove them I have no problem doing it, but like @Garry always says. There’s a price for that :sunglasses::money_mouth_face:
With basement windows and sky lights. When I do estimates so times you don’t see them so I make sure I have a clause saying they aren’t included in the price, Then if they say they have them , and want them done I revise the estimate and include them.
Stick by my I’ll teach ya. Haaaa JK :rofl:

Yes, I charge for screens. On outside only if they attach from the inside but remove outside I let them know to detach them prior and I can clean them then place them back for them to reattach. Why leave that money on the table? Gets added to the bill. :wink:

The money might be left on the table , but I go elsewhere to take it off another table :grin:
I have no problem not doing anything that requires removing , cleaning , or putting screens back
If they want me to do it that’s fine too , but rather not. Call it lazy , stupid , or leaving money on the table , (which it is leaving money in the table ) but there’s other stuff to be done out there that I’d rather be doing ,and making money on.
I’m all about the easy stuff. This time of year there is plenty of it. Supply and demand is my motto. Come the fall I’ll sell the screens. After this particular job. I ace two easy houses washes.
Not that doing anything with screens is hard work , but just cleaning the outsiders and off to two house washes. I’ll take that all day every day.

I’m very particular with what I do and don’t do. It’s the way it is now. Glad I got it that way.
I do work 6 days sometimes even 7 when works is crazy busy , but it’s all the stuff I want to do. Not anything I deem a PIA. It’s Subjective !


Oh man I withdrew the post. I’ll rewrite it. I figured out how to get it back :exploding_head::tired_face:

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For me I disagree the impression is made at my quote in person and how professional my quote looks and my communication leading up to the quote. If you need to sell after the price was given you failed before the price was given. That said what works for me might not work for you and vice versa


Well said

totally agree, but that’s why the remove/replace price is high enough to make them decide to just do it themselves. If they’re physically unable to do it, and no one can help them, we’ll obviously work with them in that case if we can.

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