Race to a Million in sales

Im hearing of more and more window companies who are doing a million in sales. How many years do you think it would take to get there? I think you could do it in 5 years. Thats our goal. Whats yours?

7 years

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I would say you have to be in the right market as well… Joe Blow in a town of 75k is going to be lucky doing 150k

“Hearing” until you see the books even a guy with 10 trucks may not be doing a mill in sales. While i like to hear what’s going on I try and do my thing and see where it goes.

If a million in sales were common in this industry you’d see a lot more professional outfits


I wonder if the better discussion is the race to a million with $100,000 (10%) EBITDA ?

I think there was a discussion in the 100,000 thread about a million not really being worth it due to all of the overhead and additional headaches involved. I believe I read you are better off either being in the 700 to 800k range or 3 mil range. Maybe I’m wrong.

We run into residential cleaning business owners all time that mention being over a million sales. It seems like I also hear stories from these owners about having multiple employees quit on the same day, six or seven people not show up, or have a key office person quit. It seems like the bigger you are the more likelihood there is going to be some sort of issue every day. Obviously you would have managers in place to deal with those issues but they are still there and you are probably going to hear about it.

We have 11 part time people and 1 full time office person. We pay the cleaning techs well above the going rate for cleaning. My wife and I paid ourselves a decent salary and our business was able to do 7.26% EBDITA. This was without nickel and diming the expenses all year and having very low turnover rate. In our eyes 2015 was a pretty successful year and we definitely did not do a million.


I"m better off calculating what I want my yearly salary to be and how many days in the field I want to work. Then reverse engineer and build a business in that manner. Then it doesn’t matter what the yearly gross is because I’m happy. For example if I want my yearly salary to be $100k and work three days in the field, I would calculate how many crews I need to profit off of to achieve that. A million dollar resi window cleaning business business is like a pretty/high maintenance spouse, nice for showing off but a big headache and very demanding of your time.


Theres to many variables to this question.
Type of company, Size of company, demographics ect.

Thats a great goal, 5 years is doable as long as you have everything in place.

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Kyle are you saying Joe Blow (individual) or Joe Blow (professional Company)?

I can see this is going all over the place…

Lets slow down for a second.
Forgetting ‘what’s better’ tax-wise, profit-wise, etc…
Are we starting from scratch, or do we currently do $20k, $100
(or $400k for those who can’t accept random numbers and MUST “peacock.”) meaning, are we first year starters?

So? “Zero to Sixty?” Real World?
I’m at 12 years.
Year Three hits the 100 bar
Two years from there with no speed bumps doubles it.
Three more to double THAT
And at least 4 from there to double the $500k

The toughest years are going to be that middle area from 2-500

  • thats the area where you go from frazzled to cruise control, and it’s a tough ride getting there

So to get to 100k it takes three years?

I’m assuming year 1 was pretty tame, and year two was the “so close” to the target, year.

Give me some slack, when I started Google hadn’t been invented yet.
Reputation didn’t come from backlinks, it was phone calls and written endorsements.

The only thing about me that is conservative, is my numbers.

  • I never boast/inflate.

If the average WC startup does 100 grand in it’s first year these days, I wouldn’t know.
My first year I had hair like Rikki Rocket and was still figuring shit out.

If I listen to half this forum, they are trippling every year, and therefore you’d hit the million in about 3 years.
And the other half is asking why their phones suddenly stop ringing.

And people wonder why I go “off topic” so much. :unamused:


-thats one of the things i like about your posts!

I guess thats way “anonymity” is a good thing at times. :wink:

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I wasn’t jumping at you. It’s interesting to hear everyone’s growth rate. I don’t know why some people are so private about it. I think if more of us knew each other’s growth rates we could average them and have a semi accurate goal to shoot for


It’s all good…
I come across way more harsh than I am.

My friends and I are pretty rough on each other, so I tend to bring that here.


My anonymity is why certain customers show up as a no pay’s in search results.

But I’m usually pretty open, and I think most of you ‘know me.’

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I respectfully disagree. @Kyle_Stafford But that’s just me.

As you guys know I have been restarting from my restart after I laid my bike down.

I will do 1mill + in sales within 4-5 years.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Challenge Accepted my man.