Rags catching on fire in dryer!

Has anyone thought of the danger of work rags catching on fire in the dryer? If you have oil or other flammable chemicals on rags, what do you do? Even though it has been washed, it may still be of concern. Anyone pre-rinse or just throw away rags because of this concern?

Of course, there is also the dryer vent fire hazard. 15 people (in the U.S.) a year die from their dryer catching on fire. 15,000 fires a year! Much of these fires are because of lint buildup! They say you should have a professional clean everywhere lint builds up in, on, and around the dry once a year. Some window cleaners add this on as a service.

You could offer it as an add on service. I used to clean lint from dryers years ago. I had to take some of the dryer apart to get to the lint. I would scrape it out with a putty knife.

linteater dryer vent cleaning system works great. Lowes sells it for around 35.00, I have made money with it, it takes about 30 mins at 45 dollars a pop. At times I offer it as a free cleaning on my mailers if they respond quickly.

It will also clean out downspouts.

Lint and fire scares me… We blow the vent piping of our dryers out with a leaf blower every couple of weeks… SO much lint.

I actually had my house to burn because of lint buildup in the vent, and I was a Firefighter at the time, how embarrassing it was to have your buddies show up to put your own fire out.

I’m going to check my dryer vent today. Thanks for this post.

Lent’s one thing, but the original post points out some of the products we use may be flammable. If I do some CCU where I use products like Oil Flo I’ll usually throw the towel away rather than running it through the dryer, just to be safe. Besides, when it does mistakenly get mixed in with my other towels it stinks up the whole load. In addition to a potential fire this can also result in an angry wife.:smiley:

You shouldn’t be putting your rags/towels/scrims in any dryer.

So how do you dry them Karl?

i put my towels in the dryer all the time. i would rather have the lint in my lint trap than on clean windows

When you add towels in dryers the static electricity builds up in them & stays charged within the towel. The lint will transfer to the window on application & will also mess with your work all day. My method with scrims is to hang dry in a ventilated area if possible. Then again, I only use 1 scrim a day. I averagely do a 20+ scrim wash usually every month.

Never thought of that!..

Thanks for the replies everyone.

when I worked by myself I would go through two hucks a day.

Man. My guys go through like 74 hucks a day. Is nothing sacred?

Nice point, thanks Karl