Rain Gutter Vacuum system

So with the threat of El Nino here in California this year we are booking about 3-4 rain gutter jobs per day right now. I have done some quotes recently where access to the second floor rain gutters would be challenging on a ladder, hillside, drainage ditch, etc. I have always kicked around the idea of purchasing a vacuum like the one from IPC with three motors and getting the 30ft attachments to clean the gutters from the ground safely. I prefer for us to clean the gutters out by hand so we can visibly see that we are getting them 100% clean but in certain situations it’s too dangerous.

Does anyone use one of these vacuum systems? And if so, how effective are they and how well do they work? Thanks.

I like the IDEA of gutter vacuum.
But, it’s not going to clear a clogged elbow of a downspout.

I have tackled an ‘impossible’ gutter from the ground,
but it took a lot or time, equipment (not heavy, but “creatively rigged”) and patience.

My main problem is, I often quote gutter protection installs, and have to be prepared to have my ‘bluff called’ so to speak.
Meaning, I need to always figure out a way to ‘get there.’

  • I guess I really didn’t answer your question, but it’s my thoughts on the matter.

Incidentally, you guys are going to make a killing on add-on services, with this ElNino scare. :slight_smile:

Well I think we are going to get a lot of rain gutter jobs this year, which have been pretty dead for the past two years. But it’s a double edged sword. If we get the El Nino, we will get heavy rain till mid march starting in probably mid december, so we will have a very long winter. If we don’t get El Nino, our drought is going to get real ugly next year with even worse water restrictions. They have already put a moratorium in place in Santa Monica on exterior building cleaning, Pasadena is handing out fines along with some other cities and areas like Rancho Santa Fe, the city councils have passed ordinances where they can turn your water off for over water use based on household size and/or cap your sprinklers. See here:


The other thing too is that if we don’t get a lot of rain, then there won’t be a lot of gutter jobs. So investing $1500 in the system isn’t a lot of money but if i only make $10k in revenue on it, not a great value. These things need maintenance, parts, etc. And if we don’t do a lot of gutter jobs in the future and the thing needs a motor or something, it’s just not as attractive as it sounds. So I am weighing that as well.

I literally JUST started using a 6hp Rigid vac with a gutter kit. It works great except the elbow angle is not always right (if you are really close to the house). It is also only $200 so that is a huge benefit. The $1500 unit is definitely looking better, but maybe not worth it unless you get a few thousand dollars worth of gutter work.

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Interesting to see the mode of thinking…
I do a “few thousand” on my any given, lowest month ever, in gutter cleaning.

I guess I would liken it to hoping to do a couple grand, in return of my new Palm Tree Pruner?

Maybe it’s a leap of faith, thing…
On a whim, a bunch of guys here decided to buy some snowblowers, a couple years back.

  • and just get out there and hustle work.

And voila…“Polar Vortex”

We just don’t get that much gutter cleaning. People should actually clean their gutters more here, but not because of rain, because full gutters is a fire hazard in Southern California. Just hasn’t seem to catch on.

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Sounds like you have a successful gutter cleaning business.

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i can’t tell if you’re joking

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Hope I didn’t come off as boasting… more of a perspective thing.

I just meant, it’s interesting that something that some may really do well with,
is something that would be an afterthought somewhere else.

More than anything, I have a lot of customers, and Gutter Cleaning is the natural progression of window cleaning.
New calls are steady, and I’m lucky enough to have a good retention rate.

For what it’s worth, 2014 Gutters was 21% of my total.

On the flip side, Pwashin was about 4%

My business was probably 21% PWash and 4% gutters. It is probably all about where you live.

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Yah, that pretty much where I was going… :slight_smile:

we’ll do 75k in gutter cleaning this year easy. We just purchased one, as did another member on here who is local to me.

I will gladly give my feedback, but I expect it to not work as I would like. However, if it keeps us safer on 10 jobs this fall alone, fine with me.

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I had a job yesterday that would have been PERFECT for this system but it was a last minute add on service so I didn’t have it with me, had to do it by hand. :unamused:

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I love how these dipshits actually think “they’ll never notice.”
They don’t have running water or sanitation, but they can accept Paypal on their Iphone. :rolleyes:

Poor “Mr Gutter” got duped by someone claiming to be “from Google.”