Rain Warranty?

Hello all!
I am new in this business, and i had a question about A Rain Warranty. Or a 30 day rain guarantee.
I see a few businesses in my area who add this to their WC service.
Can anyone tell me first if this is something you have included with your business, and how this works exactly. Also how it affects your bottom line?
I am wanting to start advertising and i am wandering if i should do this or wait until i settle in a little more before i add this service.
I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but i can hear it now…" offers a Rain Guarantee…do u"? :confused:
I appreciate all feedback on this.

Thank you

I’ve never used one in 9 years, but lots of guys on here have.

I offer a guarantee that states that if you (the customer) are not totally satisfied with the results of your cleaning, we will reclean within 7 days at no charge to you. I have never understood the rainy day guarantee policy. If its raining and wind is blowing dirt all over the place, how could a window not get a little dirty after it is cleaned? Hopefully someone on here can fill us in on the ins and outs of this guarantee.

[I]This is ours:

Rain Guarantee:[/I] If the day after your cleaning you notice any drops or marks, just give us a call and we will be happy to return in 2 days time to re clean whatever you like free of charge!


What if rain is predicted for the day of my service?[/B]
It is our policy to complete a scheduled job if it is raining. In the event of light precipitation we will continue as scheduled because rain does not effect the cleaning. In the event of heavy rain or showers, we will return within 1 to 2 days to complete the outside work. All inside windows are completed on schedule so as not to disrupt your schedule. We give reminder calls the day before all appointments.

[COLOR=Blue]I use a rain guarantee that states if it rains within 7 days and you notice any spotting or water marks, call us and we will come out and touch up things for free.

We have done this for years and had very few call backs. We haven’t lost enough money to discontinue the policy because sometimes it is the tool that gets the customer motivated when rain is in the forecast. [/COLOR]

I have never used one and have never had a problem.

If I was based in Seattle, maybe

Really the whole point of ours is to allow us to work on rainy days…

thats it

Of course it is…

You could turn a penny into a dollar by touching it

This is the only reason I’d consider it. Other than that, returning to a house because the weather trashed the glass would be a pane…uh…pain.

We have a 24 hour rain guarantee. Only one person has ever even asked about it. No one has ever called on it.

I have never offered one in the 10 years of running my business. We do work in the rain and assure the customers that if the windows do spot we will happily return and touch anything up. I have never been called back to touch up anything affected by rain.

Appreciate all the info guys.
So the way i see it…i could offer a guarantee for a day or two (24-48 hrs) , and use it as marketing tool rather than a pain in the arse type deal.
Seems like people either are completely satisfied with your service to begin with and dont need to call you back, or just plain forget.

Makes sense to me.
I like what chris said about using it to your advantage…good idea.


The same will be true if you use a 7 day guarantee. Most people who offer that have almost never been called back for it.

The marketing reason is good. There may be a small percentage more potential customers who choose your service because you offer it.

Here is something about guarantees… do any of you believe that because a company does not say “guarantee” they are free to do a crappy job? Think a ticked off customer will not call and demand satisfaction?

Sure you may be able to side-step them but I seen a company here that actually had a customer post it on her website for her business (she has a forum on it) How bad they sucked and the treatment they gave her (including cracking a window which the denied!) She also turned them into the BBB.

this company is a pretty good size here (trucks and employees)

When I see them now I will always think of that post and the extremes a disgruntled customer will go through to hurt that company.

Do a great job and back it up 100%

For us we offer “Rain Insurance” a 10% above the cost of the gig and insure them we’ll be back the next day or when it stops raining.

We give them the option…if they want to carry it over after each scheduled visit(thoughout the year) fine…otherwise we deduct the RG % and they have no guarantee.

Guarantee’s are nice but…they cut into profit when you have to dedicate (an allotted time) solely for rain pick-ups.

I agree with you Craig on this as to “rain guarantees”

There are some people that will just think they are dirty from the rain, whether they are or not. I would hate to have unscheduled “freebie” jobs to cut into my day.

I also see Chris’s angle with wanting to keep people from rescheduling because of rain.

I don’t use one and I never will. I also will not work in the rain (a steady rain) so it is an easy choice for me.

Could there be a rain insurance fee for customers who may be planning an event or something?
Ex. For X amount of dollars your crystal clean windows can be insured so that your event is guaranteed to sparkle in perfection?

In other word if you have to come back for touch ups, X amount of money up front will cover this concern?

Or is that a bad idea?

Thats basically what i implement.The customer/client pays upfront a fee (whatever you think is fair) for us its a 10% fee on top of the price of the job.

They can roll it over if…there a regularly scheduled client or not then…in the event it rains there covered.

The problem i see with ordinary rain guarantee’s is…the WC’ing co. will come back at there convenience,for the most part.

That makes good sense. If we’re going to offer an insurance or guarantee, we should be willing and ready to follow through in a timely manner, Otherwise our professionalism and prices we charge aren’t really matching the image we want.
“Sparkling” thanks for bringing that tip and reminder out.

I’ve never even considered a rain guarantee with the brown rain we get here!