I’m sure this has been talked about before, But what do you pro’s out there do when there is a 50% or more chance of rain or for that matter less and the next day is forecasted at 70% chance. the work scheduled is flexible ( storefront) meaning not time sensitve or date sensitive but is vulnerable to raindrops. I don’t want miff my customers knowing that even tho its not raining today it may tonight or more probable tommorrow! I do rain gaurantees for residential but for storefronts and commercial it just wouldn’t be cost effective. On the other hand I want to keep the money coming in . your thoughts please??

Unless it was currently raining I showed up. I think we had 1 complaint in 3 years and they never cancelled service.

I hate putting stuff off a day or two. That day should be for more money or developing ways to get more money.

If it was me I would say bring a rain coat. If it’s not raining when I get there I start the job. I will also finish it unless I get a huge downpour. Other than that a small mist or light rain I will still be working. I have never had a complaint for rain issues.

thanks i agree and concur Ive had a few customers (I have since dropped them ) that will come out and stop me or the guys in the middle of the first window and ask us to come back nxt wk when the threat of rain subsides. So thats why I ask I guess I just got some strange ones. or had some strange ones.

I’ve lost faith in weathermen. If I listened to them and shut down every time they predicted rain I’d never get anything done. I wake up in the morning, go outside, and let the weather I see with my own eyes make the decision for me.


So many times I’ve canceled work based on forecasts that were bogus.

Like today. Toronto was supposed to have freezing rain and drizzle all day. I did a full day of storefront without a single drop. Tomorrow they are calling for rain again, and again I have almost a full day of commercial wc’ing…we’ll see.

If they are looking for a service that is reliable you can’t sit at home waiting for the weatherman to give you permission to go to work. You are either consistent or you’re not. If you stay home they’ll say where have you been the next time you show up, as in you’re unreliable.

Weatherman: The only job you can have where you can consistently screw up and still keep your job!

As far as rain goes, I’m like the others. I have canceled because of predictions. Not anymore. Not since last summer. I even have it in the agreement that the customer signs. They know I’m coming. It takes way too much time to schedule the routes. The need to value you and respect your time and effort.

I have a 7 Day rain guarantee. I have never been called on it. Clean windows don’t get dirty when it rains.

Clean windows don’t get dirty when it rains.[/QUOTE]

This is how I explain it when a customer is surprised when we show up and its raining. Its not the rain that makes the windows dirty, its the dirt on the windows, that the rain then moves around. When we are done there is no dirt to be moved. Some people will not care what you say, they do not want the windows cleaned when its raining or forcasted to rain.

If it’s a house without storms we will try to get the customer to let us clean the inside. It’s much easier to fit a outs only into the schedule(yours and theirs) than a whole job.

I only work if it is at least 46F and no higher than 87F, furthermore the wind cannot be higher than 10mph. or I will cancel their service until next month. I also look at 3 different weather web sites and if there is over 50 % clound cover in any of those sites all jobs are put off until next month. Hope this helps, by the way I only actually work about 17 days a year, but those are very hard days. :rolleyes:

Just Kidding

Just Kidding[/QUOTE]

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