RainX guy is expanding his territory!

Today I got a call for an estimate on a second home here locally, so I went and counted up the windows. She was happy with the price, then asked about our methods of cleaning, I explained. She then asked, “Do you use that Rain something?” I said “RainX”, and she replies “Yes, that stuff.” I told her no, we don’t use RainX and explained about pure water from rain not spotting her windows.

But the whole time I was smiling because I knew the area code was from Dallas, and remembered someone posting about a lowballer (I think in Dallas) that was selling people on the benefits of RainX, so now his propaganda has spread to New Mexico:D

Yes Brett, I don’t know if it is the same company but there is a company here in Dallas that has littered the market with that trash. Not to mention other guys have started using the same approach to compete with them. It’s ridiculous. Maybe I need to start putting a capfull of rain ex in my window cleaning solution just so I too can say I apply rain ex to the windows. But then I would just be a liar like this other company.

Are they charging like $50.00 for all the outside?