Re-inventing The Flier

Contrast, yes thats the site…im going to check locally for anyone selling them here too, since it hurts my biz when i go elsewhere to get stuff done, people in this town are very loyal to keeping biz in their town. Even if its way cheaper elsewhere…damn northerners lol

What is all this bs about crap laying around hoping it to be spotted in the Spring?

Let me let you in on a tidbit of information… YOU WANT THEM TO ACT NOW! How in the blazes will you be able to track the junk you handed out and if it brings in any new business? Wait a year? Good luck

You need to keep hitting people in the mouth with what you are selling, in a compelling way. I hope to GOD you all follow up on past customers to rejuvenate and prod them for referrals.

No friggin scrapers, coffee cups, golf balls, pens, condoms. Quit trying to make this harder than it is. I say harder because you will not know if this is working and you will need to fund these useless items. This stuff can take the wind out of peoples sails as they will think “marketing sucks!”

I may need to take a warm bath now to calm myself :smiley:

I was gonna comment, but i think i need to have a cold bath to cool me down!!!

do that and get back to me with a response, if you disagree…