Re-inventing The Flier

This is inspired by CFP and his ‘Strike 1, Strike 2, Home Run’ thread.

He tells about doing multiple flier campaigns in the same territory and having people in that area having no recollection of seeing them or any other window cleaning advert.

Ever since I read that post, there has been an idea nagging at me that I should look at using a different medium for fliering other than your typical 8.5" x 11" or post card. Yes canvassing is an option but I’ve noticed that with the colder temperatures as of late, standing on someones porch, shivering, and trying to deliver your sales speech with the right vibe can be a little difficult. Plus people don’t answer the door with their coats on, no reason why they should be cold either.

I really think that there has to be something one can hand out quickly, like fliers, but will standout and demand peoples attention better than fliers, but what?

This brings me to another thought. Just how much am I willing to spend (money/time) per household in getting the message across? If I find that ideal neighborhood, what am I willing to invest to make sure everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in that neighborhood will read my copy?

I’m going to go away now and do some thinking. Perhaps there are others here who feel that the traditional flier/postcard is getting old and tired and you too would like to try something different. Ya just gotta think!

To be continued…

good post man.

Yeah man that is a good post. Youve got me thinking <— thats what counts right?

very good post Mark, i read a guerrilla marketing book that mentioned finding something that a client could use …obviously not something too pricey, but convenient, that you can get with your biz name and number on, and leave that at the household…the trick would be to find out what that item would be…for our line of work.

Here’s an idea, though I’m not too sure what the ROI would be.

Those frost scrapers for the windscreen of your car in the morning. Get a bunch of those and put your company name and phone number on it, hand em out as a Christmas gift. Then every morning in the winter, when your prospects are clearing the frost and snow off of their car’s windows, they’ll be thinking about your company. When I lived in a colder climate, that was the handiest tool in the morning I swear. They weren’t too expensive either.

Then you just follow up in the Spring for their home!

Maybe something similar to this will work:

Crazy, Kaspian, this is exactly what I’m talking about. I don’t want it to be anything expensive but it needs to have some value to it for the recipient.

Even if it was something that could be temporarily used as a paper weight for your flyer. They pick up the item; it has your name on it. They then pick up your flyer and it reinforces your name and has your sales pitch. Even if they don’t need your services yet, they’ll keep/use the item and be reminded.

I really don’t know yet. There has to be something really good and ridiculously simple and cheap.

Crazy; what was that guerrilla marketing book you read. I’d love to get some good night reading material.

Maybe those letter openers. They are useful and people might use those everyday.

what about fridge magnets?

A couple of years ago, I included a little fridge magnet with each invoice that was mailed out.

I wasn’t smart enough to track the results, though, so I dont know if it did anything.

I just ordered a couple of customized pens, as samples for an order, with my company name, number, few other details, etc.

I might do that, buy they can get expensive.

Last week, I received a fridge magnet in the mail from a real estate agent in the area thats just trying to get his name out. I threw the magnet out.

Maybe because its boring, though. Perhaps if some useful information was on it, it would be worth keeping…winter tips, etc.

I don’t know Kevin, fridge magnets last a long time, I’m always losing pens or I lend it to someone else. Of course an expensive pen I would guard with my life. But then again, it’s expensive to order a bunch of expensive pens. If you are giving it as a gift to a very good customer that’s one thing, but to mass produce it as part of a marketing campaign that’s costly, and probably not a good roi.

It would be more interesting to see the results of those that sent fridge magnets out to non-customers.

[COLOR=Blue]Look around your own house, what promo items do you have? I have very few because usually they are cheap gadgets that don’t last. The ones that I do have, I don’t pay much attention to the promo stuff on them.

I have a letter opener from a bank that I don’t do business with. I’ve had it for about 4 years, I still don’t think of them when I need banking services. I have a magnet from an attorney on my file cabinet next to my desk. I keep it because it has a 2007 calendar on it. Until just now I never even looked at the attorney’s name, just the calendar. I doubt that if I needed an attorney, I would remember the calendar and ring the guy up.

I doubt the value of some of this stuff as marketing to new customers. I use promos (pens, cups, key rings, etc… to reinforce my “brand” to my existing customers or to get my name out into the market.

I think the value of the traditional flier is opportunity marketing. For instance, right now I am needing some trees cut down. I have had one estimate that I put on the back burner for now. If I received a flier for “tree service special” cut down any 5 trees for $999 or something (my other estimate was $1250), I would jump on it, especially if it had a deadline.

Bottom line I think is that we must recognize a marketing tool for what it is and use it for that purpose. Then we won’t be disappointed in the results.[/COLOR]

We are actually moving a little too far away from my original post. Even though promo items are one way of making sure your name gets out there, they don’t exactly sell for you. (not like a whole sales pitch on a flier or brochure)

What I really want is a medium that would allow you to inform and sell to a customer the same way a flier does except that it is in a format that wouldn’t be ignored and disposed of in the same way most fliers are.

The traditional flier is just too common an item today. It only takes me two seconds to sort the junk mail from the legitimate mail when I grab my mail at home. I’m sure most other home owners do the same.

I just picked up my latest supply of traditional fliers but I will be experimenting with different techniques to make them grab the recipients attention.

Some ideas include:
[*]Fliers placed in envelopes with very intriguing statements on the front regarding the contents of the envelope. Left somewhere other than where you’d expect a flier to be placed.

[*]Magnets to hold the flier to a mail box (I already have 50 business card type magnets made up)

[*]Place a flier (or flier in envelope) directly on the window sill of the dirtiest window I can see on the front of the house.

Hopefully I’ll think of other unique ways for flier placement in the next few days. I’ll keep you posted.

Mark, i cannot remember the name of the guerrilla marketing book i was reading, i have to go to the library this week, ill get the exact name for ya!

K here is an idea…I’m not too sure about how this will work in other areas, but here in North Bay there is a serious drive towards eliminating plastic bags from stores and getting people using the cloth bags . I am considering getting a few hundred made up with my logo and contact info on it. Start by giving it to my clients, so no matter where they go they are advertising for me.
as i get more $$ i want to go get more done and sell them very cheap at a few of my clients stores. ( a few have already offered to do this for me free of charge.) what do you think?

Crazy, this is an excellent idea. Here too in Toronto they are getting ready to phase out plastic bags. You solve two problems here. You provide someone with an item they are going to need no matter what, due to the environmental movement. And you get your name out there pretty regular in the supermarkets and other shops where a lot of women are going to be. (Last time I checked, I get most of my calls from women for window cleaning)

Any rough ideas on costing?

i found a price at about 2.29/each starting at minimum 100…that does not include screen printing on it…if i find a good deal ill let you know mark

eric, is that the site you found for the bags? it says free one color printing…and its 2.29/each for a 100.

this could be a good idea, and fits the bill with all the eco stuff going on lately…unless they want to save water by not having their windows cleaned…lol joking

Here’s something I’ve done as a door prize or as a Christmas gift for great customer; I’ve bought the aerosol glass cleaner at Costco (Spray-way - 4 cans for about $7). I made my own label to put on it/cover it with my logo and phone number and the something like the following:

Use only in case of Emergency.
For perfect looking, streak free windows call the professionals at

I’ve always had a good response from it. When ever they go to touch up their windows or mirrors they’ll think of me - and they like the fact that it works better than Windex.

That’s an awesome idea Jason! I’m going to use that one myself.

I am sincerely impressed with all these great ideas. I love it, and will implement as I can.

Thx to all.