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Hi All,

I have a bit of a situation and I thought I would resurrect an old topic to see if there is any new info or maybe tips on a process to remove the deposits that are on some new Marvin windows I am working on. They look like someone took a wet towel, wiped the window and then let it dry. It seems almost baked on as the silicone on the window comes off in 2- 4 easy swipes from a magic eraser, but this residue takes scrubbing hard for 10- 12 swipes or more to remove it. The builder and homeowner deny cleaning the windows before I got there, and it isnt like any hardwater issues I have seen before. I am somewhat leary about using wool as this is a new build and marvin already replaced the windows because they determined they had manufacturing defects. (About 40k total worth between unit and install costs) They are large french panes, and some are fixed and some are casement that open, and cost about 1300 per window and have all the bells and whistles, and most are tempered. They also have the baked on finish on the outside over what I believe is aluminum with wood interior. The thread I linked mentioned oil flo, but I haven’t used it before and dont know if it will hurt the paint or how much it will help timewise. I do have a wfp I can use with it. Right now they are taking me 2- 3 times longer than they should. I know thats alot of questions, but I am hoping someone has some answers to help get it off faster without damaging the glass. Thanks all and as always I really appreciate your help!

Cerium oxide and a buffer

@wws Im glad you posted since you have dealt with this a few times. Did you mention the buffer as an alternative to oil flo because you think its better or just as another option? I would likely have to use the oxide by hand as I wouldnt want to damage frames, so would it still be a good option?