Re-Screening 2016

Where do all of you buy your re-screening tools, and screens from?

Any hardware store,Walmart has them as well usually

You can get all your tools and screening material at HD.

If start to do large volumes of screens there a few more direct locations (warehouses) you can get your screens, spline and tabs and springs cheaper for a large volume order.

Hope this help’s, its a great add-on service!

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What place online do you get your screen material from?

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Just sent you the information. If you have any other questions I’m more then willing to answer if I can.

I would like to know as well. I have looked but was not satisfied with the sites I found so far. Also what about for making interior casement screens?(in case one breaks one day)

Usually proprietary so I just let the customer know to contact who the window manufacturer is order from them.

Try doing a keyword search with your area for “Aluminum Supply”, “DIY Aluminum Supply”, “Screen Room Supply”, or some combinations like that. You may find some local supply houses that you can buy in bulk or otherwise hard to find items.

Check out CR laurance


Hey @Deanswc just sent you the link.

Yes @Chris is correct CR laurance!

Thanks much Chris