Reach Higher Ground and Gardiner Pole Systems


For several years now I have been testing and introducing different products to the US market.

We have introduced many different products to the US over the past couple years, but the Gardiner line of poles has created so much buzz amongst end users, that we just couldn’t ignore it.

Reach Higher Ground officially has the Exclusive rights to the Gardiner Pole Systems line of products in the USA. This was an agreement that came about a couple months ago, but I have been waiting for a few more things to fall into place before making this announcement. (More on what those things are, will come at a later date)

Gardiner Pole Systems is much like Reach Higher Ground, in that it is the obsession of a window cleaner in the United Kingdom that wanted better products for the industry. Like myself, Alex Gardiner has been working to develop products for a number of years. A partnership like this is going to move the industry forward in a way that we are extremely excited about.

Look for BIG announcements from Reach Higher Ground and Gardiner Pole Systems in the very near future.

And as always, thank you for supporting us.

That’s great news for you guy’s.

Alex Gardiner is himself a window cleaner so he know’s the business, gardiner poles is a family run business.

Alex is an exceptional guy, he’s spent a lot of money on new developments and one of them being the slx pole range, I don’t have one of these slx poles myself but reading on the UK forums its gained top marks from all its end users.

The slx range can be viewed on his video’s that are posted on his site.

It would also be nice to see you buy the ecover truck wash that gardiners sell,
I can say from my own personal experience with this product that it does do a very good job on upvc and plastics, Hey you can even clean your trucks with it Lol
Living in a climate we do now, ecover is an echo friendly product and again can be viewed on Alex’s site.

And before anyone asks? No I’m not on any commission with Gardiner poles lol

I hope it all goes well for you guy’s and for Alex Gardiner.

This is fantastic news Shawn! I’m really excited to hear more. Good for you!