Reach - It Leaky Gate BOAB Fix

Hi see every ones going on about leaking BOAB.
Anyone try putting this on the inside problem fixed!!

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Never the less you have a way to fix and use this without worrying about leaks when using. Maybe the manufacture may pick up on this and do this with what they already have. (Just Saying)

Good Idea, I think a lot of folks have sour grapes from the original price/ lack of quality but if the concept is good and it takes a few mods to make it work right that’s better than a total loss right?

It sounds like most people understand they can fix their leaky Gunslinger, they just don’t like the fact that they spent a lot of money on one just to have to fix or modify it for it to work properly.

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As said that (Maybe the manufacture may pick up on this and do this with what they already have. (Just Saying).)
In due time we will see if this happens along with some of the other issues.:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

This really isn’t a valid manufacturer solution as coatings wear off over time and fairly quickly and have to be reapplied.

The purpose of a boab is to hold your wet tools and not dripping is a key component. It would be like buying a car that runs and drives but the steering is wonky.

The Go an has to be made of water proof materials and in this case have some kind of water proof membrane that in the layers that it’s made from that lasts as long as the materials themselves that it is made from. It also has to have water proof seems that last the lofe of the material as well.

Anything short of this is a faulty product and just like in the car analogy is considered a Lemmon.

You could use this as a temporary fix but as Seth has said you shouldn’t have to do that when you spent good money on the product. For the manufacturer to not either give you a full refund, replacement, or offer to fix it free of charge to you, then they are simply steeling your money as they offered you a product for a certain price amd then did not gice you the product they offered you for the price.

No one should have to do anything to the product if the manufacturer is honest and not a cheat.

This just reminded me of the Winspray Bucket Pouch. It was awesome to have something like that back in the day. But they almost all leaked after some time. They came up with Bucket Pouch 2 and I think even 3, finally gave up. My guys would try to patch them and it ended being a great idea that just wasn’t fully developed.

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I’ve thought about making my own pouch holster. I’m just not big into building my own equipment. I have taken a pouch and water proofed it and used it. I mainly did it so I could hold a boars hair brush. I still use it from time to time.