Ready to start, store front payments?

Hey everyone!

Finally got my business cards and door hangers in, I am focused on store front for now so the door hangers will collect dust for a little.

As I go canvasing, when I land my first job and complete it what do you recommend for taking payment?

Cash seems easy and logical but I want to know how you all started taking payments, also to take into consideration is tax, I will probably round up to make an even number.

I have created an account with an invoicing app (free) which I can email them and have them process payment via paypal or directly to my bank account.

I am not looking to buy anything more at this time as I am just starting, I know Jobber is great and potential future for me.

Thanks and I am very excited to start! I am in sales now so a little talking experience I think will help :slight_smile:

You’ll find some storefronts will want to pay you out of the till. For those customers you need a cash receipt to give them.

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Set yourself up as a business.
Find out from your City if you need a business license; most do and for me it is only $65 per year.
Get an EIN number. EIN number
Find out from your state about Sales and Use Tax.
Do your research and find what you need to know to be self employed. Financial area
Find the S.C.O.R.E. office near you and talk to a mentor, they are invaluable and FREE. S.C.O.R.E.


Thanks Gary,

I have registered my business and am licensed now. I will be calling around insurance today or tomorrow. We have 13% so that will have to be charged per quote.