Really old window cleaning ladder

I was doing a house in the burbs a few weeks ago and the lady told me her great grandfather had been a window cleaner, sometime in the late 1800 early 1900s, she was doing a clear out and asked me if I wanted an antique ladder
It turned out to be a 5 piece stackable ladder that is obviously very old, there are no markings on it so no way to figure out how old it actually is
Anyway after bringing it home I realised that I really dont have anywhere to put it , and it would seem a shame to let it rot or trash it, If anyone wants it let me know, pick-up or pay for shipping

I should add that its not a usable ladder, It would work but it would take a brave/silly person to try

Hey man … ill take that from you this week… If thats cool.

I 100% want it.

I can have someone pick it up as well.

No problrm Chris, i figured someone would like it, will send you my details


Didn’t Big Jim start a Window Cleaning museum? Maybe the ladder could go there.

I remember Dan Fields mentioning that his grandfather had some involvement with wooden stack ladders many years ago.

Dan had some pieces present in his shop when I first visited there in 2005.

Are they angle joints under the rungs?

There are , but just under the ones used to stack, i will take a few better pics if it ever stops raining

Thanks blue, what wood is it? Hickory?

Don’t know Karl, its been partially stained a few times


Great photo’s, thanks Blue.