Reasons why to Charge $140+ per location servicing storefronts Part 1

  1. Marketing/Branding like I’m a large/professional Corporation. (Online images/Booking App./Bidding/Reviews,etc.)
  2. Use a professional manner when you interact with Managers/Customers. Look the part… Uniform, Emails look Professional (logo, Gramatically correct, etc)
  3. Include your Certificates of Insurance (COI) when introducing your company and submitting your initial bids (not having insurance will disqualify you from further contact and makes you a no-go in their eyes). 4. Day of service- If scheduled, arrive ontime. Announce your arrival. Set your wet floor signs at the correct locations and be courteous to their customers. Once done, address any issues with the manager and get the digital approval signature on the app for billing purposes. Have a scripted phrase that keeps it professional and memorable to use at the close of your service call. Ours is “Thank you for choosing Exclusive Window Cleaning. It has been an honor to serve you.”

I am a single owner operator. I do 72 storefronts using the above system and am based in the San Diego area. If I can help you guys in any way reach out to me. I share this because If I can help the window cleaning industry, you reading this, I will.