Rebranding Question

For those who have gone through with or going through it now * Name Change / Re-branding * did you send out a letter or announcement with the changes ?

Also did you make announcement on the old website and or Facebook.

Good morning Rob there have been at least a few people here who have gone through a re-branding of sorts in the past.

I believe most have just went ahead and rolled out the new brand. With a quick letter to priority customers, and launched the new look with a quick social media post that links new website and social media platform locations.

The biggest thing I believe is making sure your new # and contact information is easy for priority customers to access.

Hope this helps.


Thank you I plan on keeping the same number and just add it to the new one.
I’m adding more up-sells and decided on a new name would be more rounded then just windows.


Keep us updated on how the name change goes. Have a great 2018.

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Reality is most people know you as there window guy they have no clue the rest of your business name