Recent domination of ad

The recent domination of adverts for product(s) has changed the flavor of this forum.

I appreciate the need to advertise. however, if this is a preview of things to come, I am out of here.

And I mean fast.

[SIZE=“1”]What do you mean?[/SIZE]

[CENTER]This may be the longest post I have ever typed on this or any forum. I have done so because it is VERY important to me. I ask that everyone please take 5 minutes and read it.

Alex, Mandy and I meet every morning for about an hour before we split up for the day to work on our areas of responsibility in the company.

One of the main topics we talk about is what I like to call “User experience” 4 main items I feel that fall under user “User experience” are:

Forum Speed
Site Aesthetics
Fresh Quality Site Content
a healthy balance of Ad Ratio

These 4 things mainly fall under my responsibility in the company. I work at and think about these 4 thing religiously every day. We have just recently added about 500 products to the store (there not quite all in yet)

Due to the fact that we quickly added so many products to the store as of recent, they quickly made there way on to the forum. I am aware they have affected “user experience” and I am taking steps to rectify it as quickly as possible. It should be rectified with in about 7 days time.
The 3 main Problems that I see:
Problem 1)[/SIZE] More in post banner ads

Reasoning /Explanation 1) [/B]We technically have the same amount per page as we have had for the past 6 months. We used to have only 10 or so in rotation, with new products added we now have 35 new ones in rotation. Therefore it appears we have more.

Solution 1) I plan to scale down the current in post banner ads to about 30% of there current size, therefore making them much less noticeable and intrusive.

[SIZE=3]Problem 2)[/SIZE] A large influx of product videos that made there way to the home page

Reasoning / Explanation 2) Forum Glitch, These posts should have never made there way to the front page of the forum. We always intended to keep the front page free of most everything except pure window cleaning business talk.

Solution 2) TIME 90% of our product videos should be up by tomorrow. By the end of the day early Thursday they should make there way clear of the home page. Once they are totally up and clear from the homepage they will be completely tucked away in the forum called “Window Cleaning Product Videos”

[SIZE=3]Problem 3)[/SIZE] New ads along the left hand side

Reasoning / Explanation 3) We have had complete dead empty space there since we launched the forum a little over the year ago. I always envisioned there being adds there since it was always dead space anyway.

We needed to make some money. Although I own a successful window cleaning business, Alex and I broke our banks getting WCR off the ground. Alex and I have spent literally every cent we have in the world on stocking up the store with supplies. We couldn’t get credit from anyone. Everyone in the industry other than the great users of this forum F****n hate us.
Can we have some credit? No F you pay us in advance. So we encountered problems at every turn. Ill be the first one to admit we caused 80% of the problems we have. But were slowly working through it.

Long story short we needed to have a 1 -2 month adverting blast on the forum to get some cash in the door in order to stock our warehouse further. Aside from that believe it or not there are many daily users of this forum that had no idea we actually stock a huge amount of products. We were just making every one aware.

Solution 3) They will be scaled down shortly to something much less noticeable and intrusive.

“User experience” I feel we currently offer:[/B]

[] Video Blogs showcasing all things Window Cleaning
] A nice active community where common window cleaners are free to share and swap ideas.
[] Funny nation videos (even though they cause us tremendous grief) We will always continue to due them because there fun and people enjoy them
] A free link page to promote your business
[] Over a 125 free business documents available for free download.
] Marks Tool Talk videos, help our users make informed necessary product purchases.
[] We are releasing a brand new reoccurring video service “WC Techniques with Mr Sanchez” The first episode will air this Thursday
] We have our semi Reoccurring show “Ask the Salesman” WCR users can get pro style tips on improving there new account acquisition rate.
[*] This Saturday WCR will be doing Live Pre and Post shows of the East Coast regional. Not only that we will be broadcasting live hopefully a huge portion of the event in real time. Great for folks that are interested but cant make. Yes live. Its actually going to be live right on our home page.

I do understand all this good stuff I just mentioned, has been watered down by the recent influx of ads, which as I said will be rectified shortly.

I do hope to have our FREE lead service up and running by January 2009. I hope this will be great for all of our users. I have been slowly coding it behind the scenes for the past 6 months in our free time. This is like service magic but 100% FREE. For anyone that hasn’t signed up please do so here:

1 main factor holding this project back has been the amount of window cleaners that have signed up. The more that do the better it will work. Its hard for me to release it if I don’t have enough service providers. (window Cleaners)

Winter is going to be a tremendous time for not only us but for the users of the WCR Community. I get my best work done in the winter when I have thinking time free from the daily grind of my other business’s. I have lots of ideas percolating that I hope to release over the winter.

The 2 main pillars or goals we have at WCR are:

  1. Provide the absolute best selection in the world of window cleaning tools and products at the most affordable prices.

  2. Amass and maintain the largest most comprehensive Window Cleaning community in the world. Everything from our message board, to new features we have on the horizon. Our goal has always been to support the everyday window cleaner that’s has been overlooked by the larger associations.

If you see any other major or minor problems with the site please by all means bring them to my or Alex’s attention. My email and cell phone are in in my signature. I am connected and available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Please, please by all means contact me. We are nothing with out the users here. Your feedback means more to us than you can possibly imagine.

Thank you for your time.

Why all the WCR hate?

I too was kinda annoyed by all of the product videos showing up on forum homepage.
I’m glad that part will be worked out. None of the other ads really bother me.

Yep that was a total glitch… Which will be gone soon… the moment I saw them come up I knew there would be a problem, and it was just to late to reverse them.

Please keep in mind there will be one last round of them tomm. I would advise using the forum page for the next 2 days until they are out of the system.


Thanks for taking the time to immediately and thoroughly address an issue presented to you today.

I love it here, and appeciate all you, Alex, and Mandy do (seen and unseen) to assist window cleaners and promote this industry.

Where to begin.

Increased competition in the marketplace
Somebody doing something new (they felt threatened)

And the largest factor:

Wcr Nation episode 12 We unfortunately spoke our minds about some frustrations and unleashed a slew of 30 -40 some odd curse words.

We basically said and talked about every big wig in the industry that had wronged us in the prior 6 months.

We totally handled it the wrong way and it bit us in the butt. We portrayed our selves in a light that was not an accurate representation of our real character. We are very sorry about it, but unfortunately it will most likely impact things we do for the next few years. Alex and I are actually pretty decent guys.

Not to detract any further from the main topic of this thread, but in short we are very sorry and remorseful about it. Lesson learned: Keep our mouths shut when somethings bothering us.

Why does everybody F***en hate you guys Chris???

I for one know of the issues you both spoke of first hand.

You have handled yourself well since that point.

We all live and learn.

I was amazed as I read your post Chris. I knew you, Alex and Mandy put alot of thought/time/energy into WCR, but wow, but I didn’t realize how much.

It really shows. You guys are amazing.

See above your original post my explanation. When I said everyone one I mainly meant our competition in the industry and 1 Manufacturer that chose not to do business with us. There are also a couple other major manufacturers that have us under the microscope. They are on this forum everyday checking out what we do and say.

yeah i saw that, thanks Chris.

I got my ladder locks today, those things are sweet!!!

Cool enjoy!

Thank you

ps I have two window cleaning forum accounts, only 1, I choose to use, it is here. Maybe you can do a wcr nation, apology info-mercial… (merciful) Some people will always see the worst and hate/not like you for being upstarts others, will say, hey they were stressed give em a break.
Try over again. Works in marriages!!
I will not use that one company, there are too many great products out there, and ettorie is my fav…

Thanks Ed thats a pretty good idea, We may consider that.

I don’t remember you ever mentioning another supplier in name, only a manufacturer brand name. And it doesn’t really matter what you say, people will still go on using the product, myself included. But you have acclaimed the products & even worn the t-shirt! If people can’t see the dilema & desperation to stock this product & realise you will go on to champion the industry (and you will), that’s their problem.

The ad’s don’t bother me - where I’m a moderator on another board, some people don’t even know the forum stocks wfp products. I think this is a wise move on your part.

Its good to see a fresh & innovating approach to the industry from the stand-point you give. So far you’ve shaken up the industry enough to get others copying your methods & having others watch your every move.

Its all good news - you’ve put enthusiasm back into window cleaners lives. There are many suppliers out there, its just a question of what sets you apart from the pack.

Chris, thanks for your explanation. I have re-evaluated my position.

And I will begin ordering from you hence forth.

I need som


Here ya go:


This is what i love about this forum. PPL are real here. I truely appreciate the fact that you ( Chris ) realize that you did make a mistake with your actions.
THat shows that you are man enough to admit this and move forward to fix those “issues” with those other folks. I like to do business with ppl who have integity. And you my friend are showing me a big helping of it. You have just added another customer to your database at WCR. Thanks for the forum and thanks for the honesty. :cool: