Recommendations for Van set up

Just got my new vehicle registered and I’m looking for some suggestions for storage. I have a 2010 dodge caravan. It has stow and go seating. So it’s basically a cargo van. How would you suggest I set this up? I have photos of the van, and of my previous set up

lol when I picture a caravan I picture thiscaravan
I know you guys call this a trailer, but also call what I call a trailer a trailer… and call petrol gas even though its a liquid, must be all the Irish influence lol


I’ve driven your work vehicle before. No thanks joe

Here are a few pictures of van mount setups. Hope this helps.

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They look great for a full sized cargo van, I’ve got a passenger van, I’d love a set up like that, but it would be difficult with my caravan

Not really. You have a ton of space in there. You can fit a full pure water system with water tank and hose reels in that caravan, no problem. With enough room for poles, towels, soap, buckets, etc. Frame up some supports, shelving, brackets, etc. with 2X4’s and plywood.

There are a ton of threads on this forum with different vehicle setups. You’re sure to find some inspiration if you search through those.

You can adapt. Get a smaller tank and we have mini hose reels that will stack. Or just a single hose reel with a delivery system and arrive with pure water.

This is my setup. I had a 50 gallon tank in there for a bit, but didn’t find it used much so I removed it.

The reason I have a tank, pump, and flow controller is too always make sure I have great flow. And also to make sure I always have atleast 50 gallons of water on hand in case there is no access to water.

It’s interesting to me that you have a hose reel and a mounted Xero Pure but no tank. I guess you never have lack of water issues or pressure issues?

sethfenster, I have never had any issues with water pressure. I always run about 25’ of rubber hose to the Xero Pure and 200’ of line to the pole. I have had a few that were a little scary low, but it was enough to complete the job. I have thought about buying a pump to increase the water pressure, just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

I’ve never ran into that issue either, always had decent or slightly low pressure

Not sure if I can recommend exactly where to put ur stuff, but what we have in common is we’re both running our business via SUV/ passenger Van. I’m almost to the point of buying/ upgrading to a “Commercial Van/ Serious Business” status. In any case, I provide multiple services other than “I Just do windows”. So you know my vehicle is cramped, which does include a baby seat… LOL. Send me a PM, and I’ll get back to you:)