Recommendations please on using gooseneck with water fed pole!

We need to clean windows on a 4 story building with recessed windows. We are considering a waterfed pole system but need recommendations as to whether a gooseneck attachment would work in this instance. Can anyone give advice here as to which tool might be best?

How deep are those sills?

Yes a tool will work. We have many lengths of aluminum goosenecks that will fit on the Simpole or any Euro pole. From the picture it looks like a 2 ft would work. You also have the adjustment on the plastic gooseneck that can give you the right angle at different floors.

Unger also make a system of goosenecks that can make all kinds of angles. They fit on any Euro pole.<a href=“” target=“_top”><img src=“ hiflo carbontec gooseneck.jpg” alt=“” title=“” /></a><img style=“border:0” src=“” width=“1” height=“1” alt=“” />
<a href=“” target=“_top”><img src=“ angle gooseneck.jpg” alt=“” title=“” /></a><img style=“border:0” src=“” width=“1” height=“1” alt=“” />

Depends on what pole you are using. That looks like 40’ straight up. But with the sills being like that you are gonna a 45 to 55 foot reach, maybe longer, not sure. but if you have a tucker you can get a 2 foot goose neck, and the longest g fit may get in there for the european poles…

I use Waterfed but do not consider myself very experienced.
We have been using them here and there for two years.

My experience says that it might be hard to do a great job with
the Waterfed here. Being the sills are so deep it is going to be
difficult to see and feel what you are doing up there.

Does the gooseneck with that much angle going to be hard to
pull of the window for rinsing purposes??

For quality control purposes I might consider using a WFP and
renting a lift with it. This gives you more height which allows
you to use less pole, meaning more control.

This may not work for you but I have used a Waterfed in a lift
before and it worked out alright.

I’d suggest a 2ft G-Fit gooseneck for any European thread pole. It should handle your situation w/ no problem. <a href=“” target=“_top”><img src=“ g fit gooseneck.jpg” alt=“” title=“” /></a><img style=“border:0” src=“” width=“1” height=“1” alt=“” />

I agree, I have one on one of my poles and those recessed windows are a breeze.

Thanks for the recommendations…the window sills are about 16 inches deep/40 CM and the building is 70 feet high…does this change anyone’s opinion as to whether a water fed pole/gooseneck would work??

40 CM…16 inches

Your not really going to be able to pole well at 70 feet, unless your in a lift of some sort to gain some extra height… 55 feet for the most part is gonne be the max.

Definitely a lift job. You can still wfp it from the lift.

Are you sure the building is 70 feet tall? I only see 4 stories in your pictures and a floor in a commercial building is between 10 and 12 feet. The window that will be the hardest to get from the ground will be the little one above the larger one on each floor. It doesn’t look like it is more than 10 inches high and is set back the same as the larger one. your definetely going to need a lift to get those.