I’m going to ask all my regular monthly customers to recommend our services to a friend. I have some ideas but would like some imput into how I may present this to them.


Do you want to know what works best? Get on the phone and ask them. Don’t send letters or cards, they don’t work. Pick up the phone and ask them very graciously if they have any friend or family that can benefit from your service.

I remember doing a deal a long while back. I sent ALL of my customers an offer that for every referral they gave me they would recieve a cleaning at half-off and their friends first cleaning will be half off!

Can you imagine doing a stupid offer like that? I sat and thought about all the work I will be doing for free. I was terrified… 1 person took me up on it and referred someone. That person regularly refers anyway.

Bribes don’t work, reward programs don’t work. Asking works and it is the toughest thing any of us can do. That is why we keep fumbling around trying to find another way.

Great advice, Paul

What I find most difficult is asking for [B]anything[/B]. Your right i’m looking for a way of doing this without personally asking!

What is the absolute worst thing you imagine can happen to you if you ask?
What is the best possible outcome you can imagine?


What is the worst that can happen if you don’task?

What is the best thing that can happen if you ask?


You can’t sit by and wait for things to happen! Take the risk, if you can even call it a risk, and just ask! Your customers are with you for a reason and I’m sure they enjoy having your service. Most would be happy to recommend you to a friend/other business if they are able to do that. Just go for it and do it personally, face to face. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Whenever I sign a new account I usually leave more then one card and ask them to leave them on their front counter or give them out to people who ask about us. No one ever refuses!