Record Rainfall For Toronto

From the Sun Newspaper.

With all this rain we’ve been getting it’s starting to put a damper on business. I’m trying my best to get my houses in between all the showers and storms but It’s getting ridiculous.

First a record for snowfall last winter now a record for rain.

Yeah it’s been crazy. I find it funny too, I don’t know if it’s like this in other parts of Canada and the US, but on some of the days, it’s been like a torrential downpour in one part of the city, partly cloudy in my part of the city, with no rain. Our city can have vastly different weather, in different parts of the city.

Dave Phillips says that August is looking to be drier and warmer than normal. I hope so, I’m looking to go up to Wasaga beach one of these days.

Yesterday was our first real day of rain in a long time… Its been pretty dry here… May was the last month it was kinda rainy here.

yeah we’ve had our share of rain here too, but thankfully most of it has been overnight rain/thunderstorms. Ive only had 2 rain days since April, and they were much needed for me, as i was starting to burn out here. We’ve had tons of super thunderstorms, in the day time that last only 15-20 minutes, they put a short damper on work, just long enough to stop by a Tim Hortons!

Now it’s official - Summer - June - August (as opposed to June-July) rainiest ever (with 21 days to go, and there is more rain in the forecast)

It has been raining here in Connecticut almost every day in the afternoon. definitely bad for wc’ing, but good for gutter cleaning.