Red track brush - screens

So, I finally grabbed 2 red track brushes and I find them to not be as amazing as many have said. Don’t get me wrong, they are big and sturdy and will last a while. I like them but when it comes down to cleaning the tracks…not much difference than a tooth brush but it does have its advantages.

Reason for this post - has anyone tried the red brush on screens??? Yep I have. And it works great!!! Absoultely love it. I can simply hose down a screen on both sides, red brush both sides and hose it down again on both sides and they turn out fantastic(plus microfiber the screen frame)! The bristles scrub hard and safely and it really gets stuff out!
The only other methods I have tried are microfiber rags to wipe screens. Which works and of course vacuuming and wiping.

I do not have a screen cleaner but I am very happy with the red brushes ability here in the mean time.

I find the red track brushes “crap” I used them for a few years, problem is the bristles are too stiff too thick and bend too easily, and they scratch powder coated frames. I much rather the black track brushes 1000 times better.

As for using that tiny little brush to clean a screen, no chance. I always hose screens, its the only way to clean them properly.


Do you have a link to the black track brush?

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I don’t know where you guys might buy it from

thanks for the post. ive been looking at geting some

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I also stopped using them cause they scratch, but i agree they are nice on screens. Not practical considering their size though. I use them for stubborn stuff like bird poop and screen doors as i don’t take them out.

However, just get the Aztec screen washer. Way better option imo.


One day :slight_smile:

yea i got a screen cleaning brush and i dont even really use that much. i want to get a screen cleaner. Sorry to “promote” another brand but i dont think i will use aztec when i get my screen cleaner. the base doesnt seem sturdy enough for me.